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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This is my last post for 2020. I look forward to 2021 for renewal and a strong sense of hope for humanity. I sense 2021 will be another transition year, which gives us more of an opportunity to prepare for. 

With that said, I sense we still have a lot of healing to do as we discover how to unify more strongly as a collective group. With so many cultures, races, and religions, we are like mosaic glass, which has so many reflections of having much in common. 

One of things we all have in common is LOVE, and how we resonate with LOVE. LOVE brings out the best in us when we allow it to happen. Also, LOVE helps raise our vibrations of being more compassionate in finding ways of how to relate to one another, even if there are differences. 

Differences are good for our growth to become more closer in learning the life lessons that we need to raise awareness and cooperation to co-exist better in this world.

As an intuitive and spiritual medium, I have expanded so much of my work on the concept of LOVE and on compassionate listening and responding. It has helped me connect better with my clients from different walks of life, especially when they need my guidance on matters of relationships, career/business choices, and life paths/higher purposes.  

I also helped those with rebuilding self-worth/confidence and communicating with loved ones on the other side, which brings healing in the grieving process. 

As you can say, I wear many hats with my business and continue to evolve with grace. Plus, think of me as mosaic glass with diversity. 

As Christmas and New Year approaches, please keep in mind to be more humble and compassionate towards people. I have experienced in December that people are feeling the burdens more and are extra sensitive with matters of the heart. 

You never know what someone is going through unless you walk in someone's shoes. Everyone has different ways of processing their emotions.   So, think twice of what you say, and how you say it. People do not forget words or certain actions that might cause more harm and break someone's spirit without knowing it.  

So, I challenge people of being more of a compassionate listener and just be a soundboard of LOVE. People will remember that act of kindness more than ever. Being heard is a gift. People need to know that others can relate back and one way is by listening.  Silence is golden and saying less is good too. You don't have to know all of the answers. Just LISTEN!!.

Last, I had a few clients that were more suicidal in December, and it put me on the edge of my sit. From those experiences, I just shut up and LISTENED.  However, there is only so much I can do when someone needs a more constructive and objective soundboard as in counseling and needing medication etc. 

Overall, if anyone expresses suicide thoughts in a way that you know is serious and scared to come forward for help (but actually is asking for help), please refer that person to the: 


So for the last week of 2020, let's be more compassionate in our listening and how we respond to people. LOVE GOES A LONG WAY AND IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAL AND BE WHOLE. 

I love everyone and wish many blessings into the New Year. Thank you. 

Peace, love, and light,

Serene Grace


Happy Gratitude Day!

 A Time to Be Really Grateful!

November 20, 2020

2020 is about counting our blessings, regardless of how big or small they are. Presently, we are heading towards an important transition in the world. First time, in a long time!

With everything happening with the Covid-19 virus, it is testing our ability of how we respond and cooperate as a society (collective energy and unit). This is really the opportunity to put away any selfish needs or the “I” and rethink the “We.”

In the United States, we are seeing a second surge in the Convid-19 infected cases and deaths. It is making everyone feel like they are back to square one with the strict social-distancing guidelines and lock downs. With that said, we must ban together and make every effort now to reinforce of what is necessary to become more safer (but not control) around people, while fighting the spread of this virus. All I can say folks, WEAR THE MASK!! Do the best you can. The unknown is still ahead of us.

To ground our energies, we must live in the moment more these days to keep ourselves really focused, so we make the right decisions with the best intentions. Everything that we decide for ourselves has a domino effect in society.

Now, on a softer note, this is wonderful time to reflect of what is special in our hearts, especially with our close relationships, personally and professionally. We must see those that bring out the best in us and share our love and peace to bring harmony among them. It is a healthy give/receive exchange.

And yes, it is good to do some soul reflection and self-love within ourselves. It is time to hold on what is important to serve our higher selves for the future. Plus, let go of the past that does not have any impact nor serve you in life. So, let it GO and let GOD do the rest.

When Thanksgiving comes around, we must socially distance ourselves around those that we love and hold precious in our hearts. Sometimes, we must make sacrifices to preserve the best interest of society so balance can be restored. It may seem like forever, but the benefits out weight the negatives. Talk about practicing patience, and let it become a stronger virtue.

We have a lot to be grateful for, especially for those around us; however, we must stand together to preserve a stronger future for all humanity. So just reflect, “GRATITUDE IS THE BEST ATTITUDE.”

Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving,

Serene Grace (aka: Shannon Grace)



October 8, 2020

Hello Mercury! Nice to see you again. 😊 Maybe not! From October 13th through November 3rd (Election Day), the most famous Mercury retrograde will be coming in full swing and with a powerful, emotional punch. So, beware and be prepared! 

With Mercury retrograde, it is a transit in which the planet Mercury slows, and it appears to be more backwards. However, Mercury’s movement is just a strange optical illusion, which does have a powerful impact on us energetically.

What’s the forecast for this Mercury retrograde? Its’ timing is not so good, especially when it hits our schedule-oriented, tech-obsessed modern society. It may feel like a doom feeling, but with some preparation we can survive and benefit from this retrograde. As we navigate the murky waters, we find ourselves dealing with the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio and how it is overlapping with the ultra-frustrating Mars retrograde period, which will be running through the 2020 United States Presidential Election. 😊


DO: Time to get in touch with your emotions. So far, we are going into our third water sign Mercury retrograde for this year. So, brace yourself with Scorpio, it will bring out more of your feelings and emotions. If there are feelings that you are holding back or trying to hide, do not avoid them; it is an opportunity to work through them.

DON’T: Watch for overacting and being judgmental in your emotions with others in conversations, along with dealing with those technical glitches (vibration interferences) that can interrupt how we communicate via phone, text, email, facetime, or social media. Be extra, extra mindful of how communication can get misinterpreted.

The inner Scorpion stringer can cause lots of confusion and misunderstandings when dealing with others. There will be more moments of sensitivities that bring out the worst in people.

Just be extra prepared of how to react in a situation that you do not know why everything went backwards. Remember, vulnerability will be more amplified with people’s emotions, please look at the bigger picture, so you will not be completely thrown off guard. Bottom line, do not take everything to personally or there could be regrets.

DO: Be more diligent with how you make plans, sign off on contracts or agreements, and most importantly, the voting season. Please give yourself some extra wiggle room to prepare more thoroughly with the details. It does not matter what you do with your activities, just give some more time, preparation, and breathing room to know that everything will come together the right way. Again, Mercury rules over information sharing and things can get confusing.

If there are decisions to be made, try to hold off for a little while. Better not to rush. Sometimes, the universe throws curveballs or puts on the brakes with plans, so the bigger picture is exposed to understand the reasons for WHY.

We cannot forget this voting season. To make some things easier, just fact-check your sources when it comes to the presidential candidates, the polls, and the news before sharing and trusting it. Give yourself some extra time to mail in your ballots early or in your schedule when voting at the polls. FYI-with Mercury retrogrades, the energy has been known to cause some major delays.

DON’T: Please do not run from your past. The truth has a way of finding you or releasing itself. With Scorpio, the energy will be extraordinarily strong in finding out the truth, even how painful it maybe. Do not outrun it. Better to be honest with your soul and take responsibility for any wrongdoings. Also, please aware of any well-kept secrets you have and who you trusted with that private information. Do not let the game of telephone get out of hand. You are responsible of what you put out into the universe and how it comes back to you later. It's all about accountability.

DO: Revisiting and correcting past mistakes. With most Mercury retrogrades, they say to hold off from starting new projects. Well, in this case, there is nothing wrong with revisiting past projects or coming into consciousness with a new perspective to become productive or open minded. When it comes to saying “NO” to past business opportunities, jobs, dates, or anything that was important, it is a good time to reflect on what you regretted or turned down. There are life lessons in those moments that can bring renewal and wisdom in making better choices.

DON’T: Wake up! Do not run from your problems in relationships. Things will be extra, emotionally sensitive and be in a reactive state. Please be super mindful of how some relationships may end if on the edge or others will become stronger. It is all about what is going to make or break a relationship, personally or professionally.

Good new! At the last week of this retrograde (October 27th), Libra will be coming in with balance to help work through any issues that maybe bothersome and bring in more energy to have resolution. Just hang in there and take the opportunity to work on things that matter.

Take some time to reflect and ground your energies during this Mercury retrograde. It is going to be an interesting, transition period for the world to experience and become more awakened. Talk about: READY, SET, & ACTION. 😊


Serene Grace 

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Hello REIKI-Energized Me 😊

February 18, 2019

On February 16, 2013, I welcomed with open arms my first attunement and certification into the wonderful, mysterious world of Reiki. I was blessed when my Reiki Master Teacher, Yvonne Gleason of the Reiki Sanctuary of Northern Virginia, appeared along my path to teach and attune me first to Reiki, a life changing experience and a spiritual awakening for me.

So what is REIKI? Inquiring minds may like to know! LOL!  Reiki means “UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY” when put together. According to the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP), “the word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy.”” Reiki originated in Japan. It was wonderfully discovered by an inspiring, Buddhist Monk named Mikao Usui, who learned to sense, feel, and channel life energy that flows through every human being on Earth, including animals and plants. Reiki has no affiliation with any religion or religious practice. Plus, anyone can learn Reiki, which is a very cool thing.

When it comes to Reiki, it’s a beautiful, spiritual healing art that promotes a magnificent flow of life energy and has many extraordinary benefits, such as:

     • reduces stress and promotes relaxation

     • helps with attaining goals

     • promotes clarity and grounding

     • removes energy blocks on all levels 

       (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually)

     • raises intuition and boosts immune system

     • balancing out the 7 chakras 

       (crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root)

     • goes with all forms of meditation

Today, Reiki has become more accepted in the Western cultures and is being used more now than ever as complementary medicine with conventional medicine. You can find Reiki being used in hospitals/hospices, chiropractic practices, wellness centers and spas, physical therapy facilities, and cancer treatment centers, especially across the United States.

When Reiki is performed, everyone has a different experience in every session. Reiki can feel very light-to-the-touch, or having a very warm, tingling, cold, or vibrating sensation. Also, during a session, a Reiki Practitioner can relax you enough where you can go to sleep very fast and wake up as a new person. Reiki is incorporated in other services, like, massage and aromatherapy. In addition, there are several kinds of Reiki that has evolved and introduced over time, like, Usui (Western Method), Jikiden (Eastern Method), Karuna, Kundalini, Shamballa, and much more.

Reiki has a place now with your pets (cats, dogs, horses, etc.) You can find Reiki services for your furry babies at your veterinarian’s office or find a Reiki Practitioner who specializes in Animal Reiki. Oh yes, there is such thing as Distance Reiki where you can send healing and love from a far to someone who really needs it.

In June 2010, my AHA moment with Reiki was after my brain condition called Arnold Chiari Malformation flared up. Before I had brain surgery in October 2010, I experienced several symptoms, such as numbness, tingling, and pain in my extremities, processing and balancing issues, and bad migraines. My first Reiki (Usui) experience was during a massage session. The discovery of this alternative medicine helped balance and relieve my symptoms and promoted relaxation, hope, and confidence to heal me and get me ready for my surgery.

What you need to understand about Reiki, it’s a choice and something you incorporate in your lifestyle. Personally, Reiki has so many wonderful benefits only you can try, especially for improving your mind set, health, and spirit. I highly encourage it. Until you try Reiki, you are missing out baby 😊

Reiki Blessings-Serene Grace

Sources-To learn more about Reiki, please visit the following websites:



February 19, 2019

The Dalai Lama, quoted, “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” The question comes to my mind and others is HOW!!!!! Is there a magical pill to be taken or a special recipe to become super happy???? 

Of my forty-one (41) years of living in this crazy world and enduring a roller-coaster life filled with excitement and sorrow, with a huge smile, the real answer is NO. 

To be happy, every soul on this planet is on a quest to fulfill a karmic contract made with the universe and to understand the true presence of God. Through grace in this life, as Adyashanti reminds us, “Grace is something that comes to us when we somehow find ourselves completely available, when we become open-hearted and open-minded, and are willing to entertain the possibility that we may not know what we think we know.”

When it comes to being happy, we have so many options to choose from; sometimes, it can be mind blowing. What will make me happy? A great career of success and money, a happy marriage, a better sex life, an opportunity to become a parent, or a person to solve one of the world’s biggest problems, like poverty, climate-control, or unbalanced politicians.

From my experience, I learned to be happy from different phases of my life. Some from my greatest joys, such as, one being reconnected with an old soulmate who I was able to feel unconditional love of heart for a while and then had to let go because it was a brief, but beautiful season where two people grew together and then apart because of crazy distractions and differences in life. However, I am most grateful for the experience of a lifetime and wouldn’t trade it in for the world. That connection taught me to really love myself more and embrace my true spirituality. 

And those moments, I learned to be happy through suffering. One of my greatest sufferings was to deal with the uncertainty before I had major brain surgery in October 2010. I had to learn to be happy in the moment through my suffering for me to be grateful of what God provided for my needs and have faith everything would work out. 

To be happy, one must master being the captain of his or her journey in this world. It is never perfect but fulfilling. It’s your story to write to be HAPPY. 


Serene Grace


March 24, 2019

What are ANGELS? Are they beautiful, winged creatures with bright halos around their heads that are depicted in magnificent, Renaissance paintings and most importantly, in the Bible? Are angels male, female, or androgynous? All we know, as humans, the angels have been assigned by God to watch over us from the heavens and serve as messengers and protectors against the evils of the Earth. Angels are very mysterious in their origins, which makes them legends to us and a great source for HOPE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

How do ANGELS really appear? Angels come to us as they appear when we really need them during hard times and in unexpected ways. Angels can appear as beautiful figures of pure, white light that can be so bright and blinding to humans’ eyes. Angels are described to come in different sizes: small, medium, or large in appearance with wings. Plus, people witnessed angels appearing in human form, as Earth Angels, to communicate an important message or provide peace, comfort, and protection during a traumatic event. What is most interesting that people think angels appear as animals too! It all depends on what a person’s views are, and how an angel’s message can get across with success. 

Angels want to give us the love and peace that resonates so importantly to humans. Angels can be our best teachers of compassion. With that said, one of the main reasons God has us on Earth is to learn the valuable lesson of being compassionate towards each other as a whole race and become aware of all living beings, like the animals and plants that share this magical planet. 

As an intuitive, I sense angels as great messengers and protectors for all walks of life. Angels have no free will they say, but I have a different view on that concept. There are certain laws of the universe that give angels the latitude of guidance of what they can and cannot do, especially with humans. It all depends per person and the heavenly experience, which is unique to every person. Angels have a very fluid, creative energy and higher vibrations that spin a lot faster than humans’ vibrations. They can go into different dimensions and manifest into different realities, especially when humans need them the most. Their connection to the higher presence of God is very mysterious but kept secret in some way because they are the keepers of powerful knowledge that make the universe exist. However, the angels have infinite compassion to share some knowledge with humans to help us with our higher purpose and spiritual growth to be fully connected back with God. From my holistic experience, angels are already with us from pre-birth, birth, death, and crossing over the veil back to God. Everyone is assigned a guardian angel or as many depending on the karmic contract with the universe and Earthly mission. At the end, angels provide us untapped resources of assurance, protection, and direction, and most important, the miracles that gives us that extra hope and peace to get through the obstacles of life. 

OMG!!! You can write a hold library on angels. It makes more things interesting to know that angels are their own race and have a celestial hierarchy within the universe. Please know that God created a very organized and orderly universe, along with it being diversely synchronized. Call it perfect precision; so, it’s with the angels.

In Colossians 1:16, Paul said angels are arranged in three groups:

1st Triad: Seraphim, Cherubim, and Throne

2nd Triad: Dominions, Virtues, and Powers

3rd Triad: Principalities, Archangels, and Angels 

In “Adoring Angels All-Sharing their Love and Light,” Reverend Betty Love shares her in sights of how the three triads are described in the most understanding way:

“The 1st Triad. The Seraphim are the closest in God. They are so very brilliant that few humans can look upon them. The Cherubim are the guardians of the stars and the path to the Tree of Life. They are the first Angels mentioned in the old Testament. The Thrones or wheels act as God’s transportation. Their task is to transfer energy. The 2nd Triad (Dominions, Virtues, and Powers) is the organizing and ministering angels. They are more concerned with the universe than individuals but will assist if called on. The third Triad are the ones most involved with life on Earth. The Principalities have the task of looking after continents, nations, cities, groups, and other life forms. The Archangels are God’s messengers. The Angels are guardian angels assigned to individuals. If our lives were filled with love and light, we would see these angels always.”

So, when it comes to the angels, they are our best friends and miracle workers from God. Angels are always watching over us, and we, as humans should know how blessed we are. Last, I leave everyone with the Guardian Angel’s Prayer:

Angel of God

My Guardian dear.

To whom God’s love commits me here.

Ever this day be at my side, to light and guard to rule and guide.

Angels Hugs and Blessings,

Serene Grace


The Bible

Adoring Angels All-Sharing their Love and Light by: Reverend Betty Love MDiv.



May 4, 2019


Crystals are one of the most go-to-tools in the holistic community today and back in ancient times. Many holistic practitioners, such as spiritual healers, energy (reiki) workers, and naturopathic doctors have always incorporated crystals in their line of work. Also, people from different walks of life use crystals in their daily routines and spiritual practices. It is important to know that crystals are very essential to use, especially for their positive attributes to assist people on many levels; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Crystals are associated with the seven main chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Also, crystals are connected to certain organs of our bodies and can help heal physically. 

Here are my top five crystals I like to use in my intuitive work:

1. Amethyst is the most well-rounded healing crystal to use and has been called the “Master Healer”. Amethyst activates the crown chakra, along with helping headaches and general fatigue. It promotes good skin and strong joints. Also, Amethyst has been used for thousands of years by healers for channeling clear psychic energy and pleasant dreams.

2. Quartz is one of the most versatile healing stones among all. Clear quartz is the stone of power, which amplifies any energy or intention. It protects against negativity, attunes higher self, and relieves pains, along with enhancing and strengthening the aura. It also harmonized all chakras in the body.

3. Lapis is the stone that has been around since the birth of time and was used by ancient Hebrews on ceremonial robes. Lapis helps with the immune system, thyroid, and nervous system. Lapis provides wisdom into the spiritual realms and helps channel with spiritual guides and angels. It opens the third eye and stimulates the pineal gland.

4. Citrine is known as the money stone, which it is believed to elevate optimism and energy; therefore, it brings opportunity, prosperity, and abundance. Citrine expands concentration, boosts memory, and promotes creative flow. It is most often associated with the solar plexus chakra and cleansing of all chakras. 

5. Onyx is a very powerful stone of protection, release, and calmness. It absorbs and transforms negative energy and prevents your energy from being drained. It helps with stress, confusion, grief, and aids in development of physical strength. Onyx is also the “Stone of Self Mastery,” and is highly connected with the chakras of the root, solar plexus, and third eye. 

Enjoy and stay tune for Hello Crystal Part 2 😊


Serene Grace

For more information, please go the following sources:



The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

The Crystal Bible Part 2 by Judy Hall

The Crystal Bible Part 3 by Judy Hall



July 6, 2019


This summer has taken an interesting twist where I needed to look at myself more deeply to understand more of my healing from within.  Many events unfolded in June 2019, especially where I got culture-shocked from living in the South, which scared me to really work out any left-over residue with my spirit.  When you think you solved issues/concerns in your life, you would be surprised to find out, you still have life lessons to learn and heal more from.  This is not anyone's fault spiritually.  You and I are not perfect. In order to be more closer to God, the universe gives us the divine lessons to help us grow and ascend back into the light brighter and embrace the higher frequency of love more than ever.   

Overall within this post, I am letting everyone know that I am taking a harder look at the core of my spirit to really love myself again and more.  God has humble me and quiet my ego.  Yes, I have an ego too (smiling while typing this). 

Having ego is not a bad thing, it's a barometer of how to measure fear internally in our spirits and externally in our physical surroundings and is a sub-sense/personality tied into our DNA.  Ego is part of us and basically, we avoid it while not acknowledging it either.  We, as humans, never want to admit we have ego, but we all do.  It affects ours reactions and decisions in life. 

When the ego goes haywire and moves in hyper-speed, we lose control of ourselves (consciously and subconsciously), where we create energy blocks and make unnecessary, harmful, and stupid decisions that become a domino effect. We overthink to much and see life in an anxious state, which begins to manifest into a reality.  Believe it or not, our thoughts create are realities.  

With that said, our thoughts influence the laws of attraction in the universe. How can this be?  Well, we all think positive/negative and love/hate thoughts. What we put out into the universe delivers a give/take effect in our realities, along with a countereffect from other people's realities!  Karma baby!!!  We are all interconnected with the universe/God.  

Let me throw a little curve ball here.  Also, the laws of attractions affect the many realms/dimensions that are surrounding our planet, which we cannot see with the naked eye. Modern science have accepted and proved there are realms/dimensions and that the laws of attraction are connected to them through math and physics.  For example, relativity with the four dimensions or string theory of the 10 dimensions of space.  In the future, I believe we will be seeing more theories on the subject of realms/dimensions, along with proof of them.  Enough of that,  I am not here to burn your brain cells with too much science, but it is always good to think out-of-the-box. 

Overall, our universe is a vast space of creation/energy among other universes that are interconnected with God.  This is what makes life interesting and see how science unfolds new theories to help explain our existence out there.  Last, there are some things in the universe that God doesn't want us to know or see yet.   It has to be the right, divine timing to show humanity what we need to understand in order to return/surrender back to God and learn how to heal our authentic selves back to the higher frequency of light/love. 

So for me, in the month of July, I am re-grounding myself to heal while practicing being MORE in the moment.  I thought I had it down pat, but I didn't.  It is kinda scary and confusing, along with not being perfect.  Who needs to be perfect! Life would be dull and boring.  Learning and growing makes life living to the fullest.

So, I am doing some house cleaning of my ego and letting go of any residue of anger and misconceptions of myself, where others hurt/abused me mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  

My spirit is mine and no one owns me nor controls me.   I am child of God, where my divine spark will illuminate in the universe.   I have a calling to empower others to heal themselves and know their self-love/worth in the eyes of God. 

So as I go through my healing journey, which will be for the rest of this lifetime, I am honor to share my experiences, along with the teachings of others that I will be learning (or have had learned) in time.  So look out.  

Let more of my healing begin.


Serene Grace

Compassion is the key to healing yourself😊

September 7, 2019

This summer ended up being an adventure with many great lessons of humility and hope. All I know that my life was reshaped to become more understanding and stronger for myself, along with releasing any old energies and patterns that didn't serve me anymore in this lifetime.  On a side note, I am still letting go of things from my past, so my present will not be to cluttered to move forward to a brighter, happier future. It takes practice day by day. 

In this message, my focus to share as part of healing is on the subject of compassion.  Compassion is the key to help yourself heal on all levels, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.   In order to understand compassion, you must reach within your core of understanding that you and me have a lighter and darker side to our souls.   We are yin and yang. We have feminine and masculine energy.   One cannot be without the other.  These energies help balance out our decision making karmically. 

What helps combine these energies is a higher frequency called love.   Love is what makes the world go around.  Love comes in many different forms, especially of how we express ourselves through words and actions.  Love is kind. Love show us compassion.  


Compassion is having sympathy for others where we have a connection of relating to someone or relieving a situation.  Compassion comes in many different forms as well. However, one of the things that society doesn't teach is having compassion for oneself.   As you heal, showing compassion towards yourself is the first and most important step to recognize your core issues of what you face in life.  By being kind and understanding towards your needs to heal from within, you will start to gain the insights of what you need to work out in your life, while learning to release, declutter, and detoxify the old patterns that have held you back from your abundance and happiness that you really deserved.  Another thing to keep in mind is that we must learn to recognize what is good for ourselves; even though, it may not feel as right or comfortable at first.  We learn to shed the old skin to adapt to the new skin and at times, we will go through this process several times in order to grow closer with God and understanding our higher selves. 

So, at the end of this summer, I went through this process.  At 42 years old, I am learning to have more compassion for myself in order to heal and love myself more.  It seems that I go through this evolving phase every decade of my life, like at 22, 32, and 42.  So, I am praying and hoping that the next decade of my life will have more love and greater happiness to embrace and enjoy of what is around me.  Only time will tell, but I think I am on the right path with a few cobble stones in the way, which will only strengthen me to succeed in life. 

Blessings with peace and compassion,

Serene Grace

The way to PEACE is to FORGIVE.😊

October 14, 2019

Happy Peaceful Monday!

Now that we are in October and coming close into the holidays, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I don't know about you, but I have been reflecting on many things to let go and be at peace with things from my past.   It doesn't matter if it's with people that hurt me or there were huge miscommunications with others.  After reflecting on the situations, I needed to free and align my mind (soul) and heart (spirit to universe/God) into a better space that will allow me to keep advancing on my spiritual path.  With that said, I needed to allow much forgiveness to enter in my heart to let go and let be with things in my life.  Sometimes, we may not get all of the answers that we want to resolve our pain with life events. Sometimes, we need to learn how to really disconnect from the past in order to grow and not be distracted/detoured anymore for your purpose and future, which God does have a divine plan with everything.  All we need is to have some trust with God/universe in order to receive naturally and is called abundance.   I have this picture in my room which is embroidered with the saying, "Life is a balance between holding on and letting go."  To me, I look at the picture every day as a good reminder.

Blessings with peace and compassion,

Serene Grace  

Out with the Old and Bring in the New😊

December 1, 2019

Seasons Greetings and Hello December...Jingle All the Way.   

We, as humans, are making it through this roller coaster year of 2019.  Finally, Earth came out of its' last Mercury Retrograde, which kicked a lot people's butts at the end, but for the better and not for the worst. As November comes to an end, we are purging a lot of the old that no longer serve us, and bringing in the harvest of new beginnings and blessings.  As we embrace this new fresh start, we must let go and trust God has our best interest as we approach 2020.  Oh lordy! lol. 2020 come on down and bless us with abundance.  Let it be a grand party and will be dancing on the ceilings tonight.

Ok. On a more serious note! lol. The YEAR 2020 will allow a new decade to begin on a clean slate.  So all, please be mindful of planting those last seeds for 2019.  Plant those seeds with love and good intentions to grow, heal, forgive, and be loved more than ever.  Watch how those seeds will manifest of what you really want.  Be extra mindful of your energies that you create and put out into the universe, especially for the positive and negative.  What you put out there, will come back to you.  It is called balance with karma, baby.  Overall, 2020 will bring lots of creativity, abundance, healing, and happiness.  So, spin that Wheel of Fortune with love and no hate. 

Final thought for December,  take the time to reflect and write down your pros and cons of what is and not necessary in your life.  Do that lifestyle change in your habits, thoughts, or intentions.  Learn to be still more with faith, compassion, and patience and let God take over the steering wheel and be the driver for a change.  

So remember folks, 2019 is OUT and 2020 is the NEW. 

Blessings and Happy Holidays,

Serene Grace  

Happy New Year World-2020 will be a great year😊

January 4, 2020

Blessings and Happy New Year Everyone, 

2020 will be a great year with a new decade ahead of us.  Talk about starting out on a clean slate with abundance, especially with the new energies coming in to help us manifest our destinies, which we have choices over.  With that in mind, please consider having some faith and trust with God/universe to assist us on our journeys. 

Don't forget everything has divine timing and karma provides us with balance.  As we grow into our higher selves, we have the opportunities to learn from our past to make better decisions for our futures. In order to make healthier decisions, we need to include more practice of self-forgiveness, self-compassion, self-awareness, and self-love.  Also, please remember yesterday is the past, the present is the now, and the future in your hands while staying center with the present. 

Most importantly, always remember we are our own engines of unconditional love.  We are responsible of making ourselves happy.  It okay to have people make us happy, but they are only extensions or additions to our happiness.  Happiness and true peace begins with you and no one else. 

To stay balance with life, always have a plan of action, such as having the four seeds of self-care.  Back in December 2019, I went to an awesome retreat outside of Atlanta, Georgia to escape life and reground myself back to a good center for me. At the retreat, I learned The Four Seeds of Self-Care.  This retreat reminded me to always make self-care a number #1 must in life.  The four main points I got from the retreat were to allow myself plenty of sleep, nutrition, exercise, and meditation.  The combination of everything would assist me with being more in the moment or NOW and have a better sense of balance of loving myself. 

So as we dust off 2019, let's reflect with wonderful intentions of moving forward with great energies to manifest 2020 and the next decade of our lives with grace, love, abundance, and a better outlook of balance. 

Peace and Blessings,

Serene Grace  

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Valentine's Day missed me, but I love myself to the fullest 😊

February 19, 2020

Blessings ya and Happy Belated Valentine's Day, 

Just a quick note.  I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was enjoyable.  However, I know for a fact some people didn't celebrate the holiday with a special someone.  I know I didn't celebrate it, which was fine with me.  

Actually, I was helping many people that week and mending a lot of hearts that needed healing and love.  I was there for people as a compassionate listener and became a strong, sound board for people to express their true feelings about relationships and life in general.  I was honor to be there for them.  I learned a lot from others, and also, it helped me with my healing in my life.  

The most important message I can keep passing on is to always love yourself first and in life, which is not selfish at times.  There needs to be a balance of putting yourself first in order to be there for you, your needs, and later for others. You need to be strong and center with your energies, like balancing out your yin and yang.  We all have it.   Never give up all of your power/spirit to others just to get love in return. It is a fail proof plan. 

Just know real love is about learning to give and receive, along with learning to hold on and let go.  Last, let there be respect for yourself, which sets a good example of how others should treat you.  It is that simple!  But it takes practice every day, as we walk on our spiritual paths back to our higher selves. 

So, when I look at Valentine's Day, it's not just a reminder to spoil someone on that special day; it's a day to remember to love all those closes to you every day, including loving yourself more than ever.

Blessings and Love,

Serene Grace 

Happy St. Paddy's Day with many Irish Blessings😊

February 19, 2020

Blessings ya and Happy St. Paddy's Day.  May the Irish luck be with y'all.  Today, I am working and trying to help people with the understanding of what has happened to us with the current world events, which includes the up-side-down-effect of the coronavirus.  The entire world is at a stand still and people are wondering what are the governments' next steps will be and how to proceed in an orderly fashion.  Also, when it comes to our communities, all of us are trying to understand this craziness and do the best we can within the next few weeks or maybe more.  Only time will tell, and life is about taking one day at a time.  Everything is all up in the air and in God's hands.  

Now, here comes the message of HOPE.  This is the time to remain more calm and focused.  Take this time to reflect of what is more important in your life.  Take this time to ground your energies more and think of how to plant more seeds of good things to come.  Take this time to be more humble and grateful of what you have.  Take this time to love yourself more and practice more patience as things unfold into the right direction. Take this time to enjoy more of your family and friends.  Take this time to reshape more of your life perceptions.  Take this time to forgive more of yourself and others.  Take this time to understand and learn to be more compassionate with yourself and others as we help each other out during these uncertain times.  Take this time to be more of LET GO/LET GOD.

Last, as things are being put in the back burner until further notice, we will be able to move on and get back into harmony.  We just got to make some sacrifices.  Everything will work out in divine timing. 

As for me, I am going to enjoy having some beef shepherd's pie at home for St. Paddy's Day and feel blessed for the rest of this day.  

Blessings and Peace,

Serene Grace  

OMG...HAPPY 43RD BIRTHDAY TO ME, while Seeing the World Change Completely Because of CONVID-19...while Taking One Day at a Time.

April 5, 2020

Evening Folks! Hope everyone is doing well since being under house arrest with CONVID-19.  Talk about the change of events that have reshaped our way of thinking and living for today!  Overall, we are making history here.  Life has hit us with some new challenges and lessons to embrace for our greater good.  However, the question is we will take the time to reflect on making positive adjustments in our lives and how we affect the world.  Are we ready for great change or are we still stuck in our old patterns of thinking?

My last blog talked about the following suggestions to reflect over while being stuck in our homes:  

"Now, here comes the message of HOPE.  This is the time to remain more calm and focused.  Take this time to reflect of what is more important in your life.  Take this time to ground your energies more and think of how to plant more seeds of good things to come.  Take this time to be more humble and grateful of what you have.  Take this time to love yourself more and practice more patience as things unfold into the right direction. Take this time to enjoy more of your family and friends.  Take this time to reshape more of your life perceptions.  Take this time to forgive more of yourself and others.  Take this time to understand and learn to be more compassionate with yourself and others as we help each other out during these uncertain times.  Take this time to be more of LET GO/LET GOD."

So, my April message is very simple.  Please continue to reflect on the positive.  Take the opportunity to try to make great changes in our lives.  This is the time to do it.   We have a lot of downtime, so there are no excuses.  Think about it!  The universe is doing us a favor to get back into balance and allow things to naturally fall into place.  What is meant to be, will be.  Continue to have some faith and trust while going into the unknown fearless.  God does have our backs.  We are really more present in the moment and getting much practice with the process.   It is just day by day.  We have much to be grateful for in our lives.

Last, I will be celebrating my 43rd birthday, while being on lock down because of the CONVID-19.  Everything that I knew in life has changed completely and has opened my eyes in becoming more wiser, grateful, and compassionate, while still aging more gracefully with a smile and keeping my wits about me.

Good nite ya.

Cheers and Blessings,

Serene Grace 

May the 6th be with y'all. EMBRACING LIFE AS WE KNOW IT NOW.

May 6, 2020

The last time I wrote it was on my birthday, and I was in good spirits, while embracing life in a different way since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States.  Boy, all I can say, I had an eye opener in April with a drastic change and dealing with the unexpected.

So like on April Fool's Day, I noticed a mysterious red rash with painful hives on my legs and arms after taking a shower.  On April 3rd, I went to urgent care and was put on Prednisone for one week and then on April 13th, I was put on another round of it.  The Prednisone was working with the inflammation, but after getting off the medicine, my rash with hives came back with great revenge.  Instead of having one rash, I ended up with four different rashes that left me in major shock and concern.  One thing about these rashes, I ended with pain in my legs and joints.  The rashes were more painful to the touch and couldn't take any hot showers because my skin was so sensitive.  I love my hot showers, which are relaxing to me.  

I ended up phoning my mother on my health concern.  She mentioned that my rashes may have a link with the Convid-19 virus.  I researched the matter online.  I saw there was a strong connection of the rashes with the virus and it scared the crap out of me.  So now, I was in the hot seat to get myself checked out.  

Good news!  I was able to get the famous nasal Covid-19 test, which was one of the most unpleasant experiences in testing that I had in awhile.  Oh, my poor nose.  God, have mercy on me!   Seriously!  Good news!  The results of that test came back negative or not detective.  Later, I had the Covid-19 antibodies test, and again, good news that the results came back negative.  After those results, I was still left with a health mystery to solve.  Good news.......!!!!! :)


After two rounds of Prednisone, different topical corticosteroid creams, herbal supplements, multiple vitamins, and antibiotics, I found out that I have Erythema Nodosum.  On May 5th, (Cinco De Mayo), my new primary care doctor let me know what I have and again, good news, she said that it will go away within 4-6 weeks.  She also mentioned that being on steroids probably made things worst for the rashes to reappear and lower my immune system.  However, we still needed to know what was the root cause and now, she is ordering more testing.  Most of these rashes are gone, but one of them still remains on my lower legs with tender hives and are healing. 

Please keep me in prayer as I continue the quest of finding more answers for my health.  Believe me, this process has not been a walk in a park.  I am HOPEFUL still and staying positive of being physically healed.

Now let me get to the point of today's blog.  I got a huge reality check with Convid-19 and possibly having the virus.  Thank God, I don't have it and I am blessed.  I believe, as a society, we will be practicing social distancing and other guidelines to protect ourselves against the famous virus for over a year or more.  It has left our world at a standstill with a new social norm to embrace.  I really don't like it, but as a society, we need to work together with common sense and compassion to level out this virus.  Everything is in God's hands and he has a divine plan.  We just need to go into the unknown with less fear and embrace more faith and trust with the universe.


So, for May 6th, let's reflect on the spiritual number of #6. The spiritual meaning of #6 is all about faith, gratefulness, simplicity, honesty, and harmony.  It is time to be more humble in order to achieve better balance in all areas in life, financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, along with others.  Now for me, this new reality of what is happening in the world has shape my perception at a greater vibration to make myself more present in the moment and being more grateful of what I have in my life.  You never know it can be gone in one day.  Practicing much self-love has been a daily challenge to keep my wits and soul centered with all of the new changes.  However, my higher self is adapting and shifting the way God wants me too.  All will work out with diving timing.  FAITH OVER FEAR 2.

I am HOPEFUL for a better month with May.  I will continue to plant the good seeds of abundance, so I can see better things to come with hope and harmony.  Also, I am HOPEFUL for these rashes to disappear and get back to feeling like my old self.  

At the end, I wish I had a magic wand and make everything go away before Convid-19.  Life was more simple.  

Be safe, well, and blessed,

Serene Grace

The WORLD is on FIRE. Are you ready for the GREAT shift?

June 8, 2020

Wow! Wow! Wow! The world as we know it is changing quickly before our eyes. Are you ready to embrace any changes that are meant to come?  Are you ready to become apart of history with making a great impact?  The subject matters can be anything from racism, climate control, health care, unemployment, world peace, and the list goes on and on.

Since we welcomed 2020 with new beginnings, it appears that it has brought older issues to the surface again, where we need to focus and heal more completely from. There were additional surprises that we didn't see coming and the circumstances created a MEGA chain reaction for much higher awareness into our lives. From the Convid-19 Pandemic to the death of George Floyd, we are now put into a transition of two paths: (1) still being in a holding pattern of limbo that will continue the cycle of confusion and injustices or (2) take the opportunity to rise up and empower our voices to create a legacy of important changes for liberation and letting go of fear, which no longer serves our higher purpose.  Most importantly, there is another opportunity to shift humanity, which is to become more compassionate in our world.  Believe it or not, it has been missing for awhile.

So you ask yourself, how do I respond to the power of GREAT change? Well, it is a balancing act.  It comes with much responsibility and ownership to our actions and what they represent. With hope and vision, we can respond, act, and execute with making a difference for our future with balance and harmony. Everything has a cause and effect. We, as humans, are responsible for any positive and negative outcomes.   Also, there is that saying, "You get more with honey than with vinegar."  

Presently, we are seeing global protests that represent more change against injustices on many levels. We are seeing for the first time a GREAT shift in humanity to awake up, band together, and see the truths for what they are.  People are coming into a place of strength.  People are becoming fearless against the odds. People are ready for change.  People are more willing to take the risk to speak up. 

With that said, we are coming together as a more ENLIGHTEN force to embrace our rights, in freedom of speech and assembly. We must come into an important place in our hearts for great peace and respect to make things be more UNIFIED, while not embracing fear and terror.  When you practice hate with uncontrolled fear, it makes ideas forced and less effective in the long run.  Where there is darkness, there is light.  Peace always succeeds at the end.  

As the world is on fire, we must burn within our hearts the desire to shift our perception with more compassion.  When there is more compassion, there is more compassionate listening and compassionate responding to matters that will result in great change for all mankind.  


Serene Grace


August 13, 2020

SHINING BRIGHT WITH SERENE GRACE is back.  Boy, time has surpassed me since I last wrote on my blog. Back in July, I have been super busy visiting my family and friends in Washington, D.C., and Maryland, since the pandemic.

So, what am I going to write about today? Well, I am going to discuss what the spiritual number 13 is, and why I love it. You can tell I use 13 on my website, along with incorporating the number in other aspects of my life.  Let me elaborate!

The number 13 carries important messages from spiritual realms/dimensions. If this number appears in your life frequently, it means that it has been sent to you right from your angels.

The number 13 can manifest our desires by aligning ourselves with Source Energy. When you see number 13 appear in your experience, it is a reminder from your angels to focus your thoughts on the positive things and trust in the universe. 

The number 13 represents eternal love, totality, realization, and attainment. The number 13 is also connected to the cycles of the Moon and the Earth.

The number 13 brings the test of suffering and death. It symbolizes the death to a matter or to oneself and the birth to the spirit: the passage on a higher level of existence.

The number 13 is a sign about a big change or 'shift' that is going to come. If you keep seeing the number 13 then get ready because something big is about to happen.

The number 13 is a lucky number and a lucky day in the calendar in countries of Thailand and India.

The number 13 reveals that to live with love and kindness to gain rewards from the world.

I like it when 1313 is combined, it doubles the amplification and its' significance and becomes symbolic of life, abundance, spirituality, and creativity. Also, number 1313 is another reminder from your angels and the higher powers that they are sending positive thoughts and all good energies on your way when needed.

Within 1313, the number 1 expresses self-leadership and new beginnings, along with intuition, instinct, initiative, and assertiveness. The number 3 is different and is all about creativity, expansion, growth, communication, self-expression, assistance, encouragement, talent, and skills. The number 3 also has a spiritual connection with the higher self and is always assisting to shine light within yourself and others. 

Overall, the number 1313 is important for expansion, creativity, communication, enthusiasm, and optimism on all given levels.

Now, you know why the spiritual number 13 is my lucky number and when you combine 1313 together, you talk about a power boost in higher vibrations. 😊  Luck is on my side!

Peace and Blessings,

Serene Grace