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Your 2021 Survival Guide for the 2nd Mercury Retrograde (May 29th to June 22nd)

Written By: Serene Grace

Date: June 3, 2021

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend. For the inquiring minds, I wanted to pass along some wisdom for the 2nd Mercury Retrograde in Gemini from May 29th to June 22nd.

After the Lunar Eclipse on May 26th, there was this intense energy that came in with a shape edge and felt very overwhelming and emotional before the 2nd Mercury Retrograde took place. However, it set the stage to make important changes to release and let go of people and things that no longer serve you for 2021.

Sometimes, the universe gives us that final kick-in-the-ass to make room for better things to come. Plus, the veil on the other side has become thinner to sense our deceased loved ones around us more and have stronger dreams that will give more signs for guidance.

So, here are some survival tips for the 2nd Mercury Retrograde:

MERCURY IS MORE BACKWARDS THAN EVER, so be more prepared. It is like you go one step forward, but ten steps back. Do not forget everything feels more backwards, but just know it is only temporary.

With Gemini, there is this two-sided energy effect. Within one minute, everything is feeling stable and on the flip side, everything can go very chaotic in a second. Just be super aware that there will be more disruptions, miscommunications, and chaos in every form of missed appointments, arguments, mental confusion, world events, and (a lot of) technical errors with computers and phones.

DIRECT COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY, keep it super simple and clear. With this shady Mercury Retrograde, just be warn to not take anything at face value. Do not overreact but be more reflective than ever with communication in personal and professional relationships.

The cosmos wants you to listen and learn of what the bigger picture maybe in your life. There will be more disclosure coming up with new information, data, and knowledge to absorb, especially with the upcoming world events and the after-effects on everyone collectively. Just saying and be on a lookout.

Last, if you are planning to make any business deals, just make sure to look at the fine print before signing off. You may need to step back on any big decisions that pull you into different directions.

JUST GO MORE INWARD, take the time to reflect. Look at what is profoundly important in your life and how to change your path for your own greater good and happiness. Ask yourself those deep questions that you have been avoiding and dive into your inner core with more honesty to feel your true self. Build up that courage!

What do you want in life? Take that leap of faith to find you. Look at the positives as in reviewing the information that comes in, so you can move forward and improve the direction of your life.

With this Mercury Retrograde, the universe will come in and clean house for you, so you will have an opportunity to get back on that right path. 

So, pay attention to the signs and not ignore them. THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING YOU. IT IS HOW YOU RESPOND.



DATE: JULY 16, 2021

Since the 2nd Mercury Retrograde (May 29th - June 22nd) in 2021, it has been a crazy roller coaster of events where I felt completely exhausted. The universe wanted me to do a complete lifestyle makeover.

This retrograde has been one of the roughest that I had ever experienced in a while. People that I thought were closest to me ended up being let go, and we went our separate ways. Everything happened out of the blue. I had no control over these circumstances, but it was how I responded to them. I got to see people for who they really were and their true colors. Maybe my purpose was done and not to be in their lives anymore? I had to bless and release them with love.

Another thing, this retrograde was an influencer to have people from my past come back up unexpectedly. With my luck, I had no choice but to confront my past and make more peace with it. Bottom line, the universe will push you to make closure in your life. It is better to not block your future blessings, so just LET IT GO. However, easier said than done.

What was the biggest life changer for me during this retrograde? Unfortunately, it had to do with my face. In May, I got some skin care advice and was recommended to try an over-the-counter product with a higher level of benzoyl peroxide. Big mistake! After using the product, I got a chemical burn on my face. This product was to help with a slight acne problem from the face masks used during the pandemic. I was known for having beautiful skin. But things took a wrong turn for the worst! On June 6th, I broke out with a serious skin infection that left me swollen and looked like having itchy, raspberries on my face. I shelled out over $700 and more in prescriptions and doctors’ appointments to get my skin back into shape. Good news, my skin is in a full recovery mode. Continue to cross your fingers!

With my skin dilemma, it opened some past wounds when I grew up. Right before going into 4th grade, I got the worst case of chicken pox that seriously scarred me. I was bullied for my scars, which created triggers for my adulthood. After I got this current skin infection, it was like Pandora’s box opening back up and my self-confidence was destroyed. Believe me, the anxiety attacks were horrible. I never thought that this would happen to me.

What made my circumstances worst was when certain people did not take my emotional state seriously.  In my silence, I was angry like the Incredible Hulk. At the end, I felt very abandoned within myself. 

I was in a dark place with my spirit in June. I can tell you that I cried and thought that my life was ruined with this skin infection. It took me by storm. With the grace of God, I bounced out of it. I was swirling with so much self-doubt but was very persistent on cultivating my faith and finding the answers to solve my problem. I was not completely defeated!

I realized I had to stop focusing on that side of that energy, and where it all looked wrong. See, there is another side, the side that is much easier to see with faith. Talk about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Once, I stopped focusing on what was wrong with me and being a victim of circumstances,  my world changed. The fog was lifted. During this retrograde, my life lessons were to walk that rocky path to reach that total peace with enlightenment.

Concentrating on the flip side works. When we purge, lots of fun stuff comes up, and it doesn’t feel all warm and fuzzy. Sometimes, we must learn to find the positives in all situations. The answers come when we don’t push for them. When we rush for answers, it creates a resistant energy to not get what we really want energetically. For me, the flip side was to work through my past that still needed great healing to let go of any pain that triggered me and evaluate certain people that I naturally outgrew, or they outgrew me.

With the healing of my face, it has transformed my confidence to be stronger than ever and continuing to do so. I learned that focusing on positive creation works. In life, you must learn how to roll with the punches that brings success. Purging brings success. Getting rid of what does not serve you brings success. Alignment with your faith brings success.

As we move forward into this summer, please know that Neptune (June 25th - December 1st) is one of the other planets in retrograde now, and things will be a little smoother to see everything right before your eyes to make better decisions. So, take this opportunity to master your life lessons. It is a time to PURGE AND LET GO COMPLETELY.

OFF WITH THE OLD SKIN INTO THE NEW SKIN. It takes time to adjust, but it is about making positive choices to bring in success for the rest of 2021. 




Since August, the world has been going through some major shifts. Everything feels very upside-down with a huge question mark over our heads. The energies have been super intense and unpredictable. Let’s say the universe is telling humanity to WAKE UP, WAKE UP, or ELSE!!!!

It’s time to come into a place of more self-awareness. Our Earth is changing with the extreme weather patterns, the extinction of species, and the limited availability of resources that we need to function as a fast-paced society. Recently, we have had many political events, which are reshaping several countries into dangerous territory, since World War II. Humanity needs to understand that the Covid-19 virus will not be going away anytime soon. Collectively, we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves or more lives will be lost to the virus.

At the same time, there are no easy solutions to all these changes that are happening. There have been many warnings, but we failed to respond sooner until things fell apart to get our attention. What is it going to take?

I can go into some future predictions, but I will hold my tongue. What is most important is to face the reality that we are coming into some hard times. Events could have been prevented, but our fears and egos are getting in the way and lowering our vibrations. It is like one step forward, but twenty step backwards. We need to shake off the fears the best we can and WAKE UP. As we move forward, the process will become more challenging.

The energies we are putting out into the universe now are creating our reality today. There will be this heavy resonation from our actions that will be felt collectively around the world. Again, humanity has some major accountability to take ownership or there will be more chaos. We can do better. God/the universe is compassionate enough to give us more time and chances to change. We must learn how to relate better as humans and not forget that love (which takes on many different forms/actions) can be the compass of bringing back hope and balance.

What's up with the final Mercury Retrograde in Libra? Believe it or not, the energies of this retrograde have started since August 30th, which might explain why things have been backwards. Since the full blue moon in Aquarius (August 21st-23rd), the energy created a doorway of things to be more emotional and unstable to have a purge effect for much to come up to the surface within the world. Technically, the original start date for this retrograde begins on September 26th through October 18th. But somehow, we got a jump start since the full blue moon happened.

Here are some insightful tips on the final Mercury Retrograde in Libra. Time to be all ears!

2021 MERCURY RETROGRADES ARE IN AIR SIGNS: Within Mercury’s energy, air signs feel very comfortable to bring reflections and new ideas but haven’t had a good reputation when it comes to communication for this year. As you know, Mercury loves to throw curveballs in how we communicate with one another; however, there are divine reasons. If we observe the energy and use it to our advantage, it can help us more with understanding life lessons and seeing the bigger picture. So, watch your communications with others, personally and professionally. Be more reflective, instead of reactive.

LOOK INWARDS: Mercury is the planet ruling over communication. It would be a good time to go more inward, like in our subconsciousness to see our shadow sides. We all have a shadow side that helps us to see what needs to be healed from within. Remember, we all have dark/light energies within our souls. Our shadow sides are there to provide reflections to balance out our karma.

It also gives us an opportunity to work on ourselves in how we relate to others. With that said, just focus on the throat chakra, which deals with speaking, expressing, and sharing our truths to resolve conflict and promote healing.

PATIENCE IS MORE ESSENTIAL WITH LIBRA: Libra stands for partnership and has the balance scale. It focuses on having balance relations and interactions with those around us. Be more mindful of this energy; it will be more highlighted. Ask yourself how  can you create better boundaries or bring down certain walls for improvements in your relationships?

However, there is a warning. There will be more extreme shifts consciously and subconsciously around us. There will be six other planets going into retrograde with Mercury. SO, THE ENERGY WILL BE SUPER CHARGED UP. As a result, take your time to pace yourself with more PATIENCE than ever in your activities and how you communicate with others, personally and professionally. Make a mental note!

Foster your patience with inspiration and confidence that will help you think through lessons from your past and how you want to let go of certain people/things for the future. Clearing your slate now before 2022 will be a healthy move. Less broken-damaged cords attached to you energetically will feel more liberating.

Never second guess your intuition. Everyone has intuition build in. Think of it as your internal compass and like flexing a muscle.

Please keep a lookout for your dreams. Dreaming will be more vivid with signs and messages from deceased loved ones, angels, and spirit guides. The veil on the other side will be extra thinner. Just be open-minded and don’t be afraid.

With world events, keep your energy more grounded and focused on the positive things you have in your life. There will be more negative information coming out that will feel very suffocating and fearful. Keep your root chakra more connected to Mother Earth, which her energy is very nurturing and compassionate. Since fall time is around the corner, it would be a great opportunity to connect more with nature.

Overall, be grateful for what you have and who is in your life. Life is too short. IT IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.