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An Ongoing Series of Holistic Insights



January 31, 2021

Blessings! We are in for another transitional year. So, let us embrace 2021 with discernment and healing. With this article, it has prompted me to write because there were a few people I knew that passed away this week. These people made wonderful impacts in my life, and I am forever grateful.

Currently, I decided to not write for a while. Ever since the Capitol Riot, it left me very numbed. After hearing the deaths of those that impacted my life, my writer’s block was lifted. So, here is my first article for 2021.

As an intuitive and empath, I can feel the energies around me, which are very intense and filled with fear. I just decided to be the objective observer and be more still than ever. Better to reflect and not judge. Seeing the bigger picture takes time to unfold before your eyes.

I see 2021 with important changes, but there will be chaos first before the light. There are more shifts to come, so do not get to comfortable, but be prepared in how you respond to circumstances. It is not what you control, but how you respond. Be mindful to treat others with respect, even when you agree to disagree. People seemed to forget that respect goes a long way, especially when we communicate our similarities and differences (good or bad).

2021 will be all about accountability (positive and negative). The ripple effect from 2020 has begun, and now, 2021 will be the test to see how we heal and unify. Only time will tell.

But most importantly, I wanted to write about the first Mercury Retrograde of Aquarius from January 30th through February 21st. Brace yourself! Just be an objective observer and mindful of you in how you respond to things.

Remember with any Mercury Retrograde there will be some mayhem in the realms of communication, timing, tech, and more. Currently, with Mercury joining Aquarius, there will be much mental-focused energy that rules over tech innovations, groups and friendships, and our collective future. Be mindful of being very conscious of how you express yourself within a group, personally and professionally. Now, let us get started; here is my survival guide:

Watch the DRAMA and YOUR PAST

Watch and weigh your words. This is a time where communication can turn against you, even when you had good intent to resolve a matter, just saying. Also, Mercury loves to cause miscommunications. That's why the energy feels backwards. You may think the sky is blue, but to another person, may think the sky is teal. It is all a matter of perception (right or wrong). This is where you take a backseat and be objective and observing, personally and professionally. It maybe good to be more silent in situations and listen to a different perspective without drama.

With Mercury, your own past may come up to the surface to challenge you. It maybe a time to look at old wounds with open-mindedness to resolve certain fires that needed more healing a long time ago. Never to late to forgive and move forward with less baggage. Good-old Mercury has a way of doing that.

WORRY too MUCH about the FUTURE

OMG. We can become overthinkers at times. Mercury pulls us into that crazy thought process. It makes us look at life more backwards than forward. Challenge yourself to pin down plans or get more clarity on what lies ahead in your life. Use this time to focus on the past that can help shape your present into a brighter future. When you think the future looks foggy, just remember it is only temporary because Mercury has that illusion over us. Take a negative and make it into a positive.


Watch out for any tech glitches that will throw you off. You may think you are losing your mind, but Mercury has that vibe to cause mayhem with your technology. Be mindful and extra, extra patient. Do not lose your cool (but you will at times, which I guarantee). Be extra conscious of having a back-up plan in case of breakdowns and avoiding any purchases of electronics until this retrograde is over.


Again, friendly reminder that Mercury has the famous tendency to cause both miscommunications and tech errors, with texts get missed and typos run rampant, or words getting misconstrued under transits in emails or Facebook Messenger. Also, what about bad reception during FaceTime or Zoom. Avoid playing the game of telephone. Talk about doing a backwards flip.

Now, let us get more up close and personal. Get flexible, even when you do not want to communicate the old-fashion way. Try to reach out over the phone more regularly or just have more face-to-face-conversations to clear miscommunications. Folks keep it simple. Be clearer and more concise (especially during business deals if you do).


With Mercury, it makes us feel more anxious around others. People are more extra sensitive to their feelings. With Aquarius ruling over Mercury, there is a collective energy that is more prone for miscommunications with interacting with groups of people. So, watch the communication over politics, religion, and sex…just saying. There is going to be a lot of different conversations over many topics that can put a backspin on things to cause unnecessary drama, personally and professionally.

You may have to be more diplomatic in when expressing yourself and become an objective listener to learn new perspectives (while agreeing and disagreeing respectfully). Remember those that are important to you. Better to have harmony than discord.

Put on that THINKING CAP

It is always good to think out of the box. With Aquarius, it is an air sign in Mercury, so many mental thoughts are being processed at a much higher rate. It is a time to be more creative and unconventional with your approach on how to deal with life.

Take advantage of the energy to create better problem-solving skills. Be one step ahead of the game with scheduling or travel snags. Nothing wrong with being more prepared when running daily errands too. Talk about having that honey-do list. So, get creative and take a deep breath in. Try to worry less. Just know that stuff will get done, one way or the other.

That’s my survival guide for the next few weeks. Last, Mercury Retrograde will be happening two more times in air signs for 2021. These dates are May 29th to June 22nd and September 27th to October 23rd.

So, buckle up buttercup, 2021 will be an interesting ride. ARE YOU READY?





Blessings and Happy Valentine’s Day! For my second, 2021 article, it will be focused on how to extend love toward others. But not on one special day, but for every day!

While surviving the Convid-19 pandemic, the world events are important reminders of how to become more compassionate and generous to each other. Thinking of the well-being for others is always a good, first step to survive stronger and be more unified as a collective race. This is called interdependence. And yes, it is healthy to be independent and co-dependent as a balance in interacting with each other, especially in small and huge ways. You cannot have one without the other to survive.

Presently, we are moving away from the concept of the “I”, into a more WE” mindset to be more of community, as we move forward to survive together. At the end, we need a balance of the “I” and “WE” in all of us.

How do you become more of the “WE” mindset? Well, that is really an easy answer. It is how you give more of yourself back to community. For instance, you can give financial donations or volunteer your time to a favorite charity, food bank, or nursing home, go out of your way to help a loved one or neighbor with a project, help the elderly with buying groceries or cleaning their houses, watching someone’s kids when there is an emergency, exchanging services (instead of money) for an important cause, and many other ways, too. This is where you get creative. How can I make an impact in someone’s life? Sometimes, a small, kind deed turns into a big, ripple effect and becomes contagious for everyone to follow with love and hope. That is also called fellowship.

Last, I like to mention a little about the 2021 Chinese Lunar New Year called the Year of the Ox. It started on February 12, 2021 and ends on January 31, 2022. Basically, 2021 promises to be an exciting year for everyone born in the Year of the Ox and the people who meet them. So, please use the year’s energy well. The Ox is disciplined. Overall, 2021 will be lucky for those who stick to ongoing projects and build on their goals to make them successful, instead of attempting to start something brand-new. 

Now, keep in mind, since last year was the Year of the Rat (a crazy, upside-down year with the Convid-19 pandemic and the U.S. elections in turmoil), the Year of the Ox will be in mental with hard work, determination, and building. The Ox will bring in more rebuild with things to make way for growing better in the future.

So, let us take Valentine’s Day and the Year of the Ox as great reminders to come together with being more generous in relating to each other with more kindness, love, and hope to rebuild our communities to become more stronger and wiser with a more “WE” mindset.

“WE” all got to start somewhere. Peace and blessings!​



DATE: MARCH 5, 2021

Hello Ladies! Guess what, it is National Women’s History Month. All of March will be honoring the history of women’s accomplishments for equality and continue to fight in improving the future for the younger generations of girls. Still, so much work to be done!

Today, I am going to talk about the concept of Divine Feminine Energy. We, as women, all have masculine and feminine energy within all of us. However, in today’s world, we seem to always suppress the feminine energy of our spirits. There is a need to have a balance of both masculine and feminine energy together to co-exist. This co-existence is called duality. You cannot have one without the other.

Feminine energy comes from your heart or the gut. That is why you say, “Listen to your gut.” The energy makes it an interpersonal connection. It connects with empathy, sensuality, and receptivity. It also called your intuition.

Intuition embodies the feminine energy. It leads to the path of the most emotionally fulfilling side to us. It fosters strong, intimate, and nurturing bonds with people. Plus, it connects us to other living creatures, plants, and most importantly,  Mother Earth.  

Mother Earth has earned the title of being  a living DIVINE FEMININE GODDESS. She is also called Gaia from Greek mythology. 

Qualities of Divine Feminine Energy

• To be; not to do

• Collaborative; not competitive

• Flexibility; not strength

• Internal energy; not external energy

• Intuitive; not logical

• Emotional driven; not purpose-driven

• Create; being open

Now, I just went through the idea of what feminine energy is and how to identify it. It is an energy that has always been there, but social conditioning has caused us to have this amnesia of not tapping into our intuitive side naturally. It is like flexing a muscle with some practice. Practice makes perfect.

As women, when we embrace our feminine side more while competing in a very masculine world, it gives us that balance with being more confident within ourselves and making decisions with a softer flow of accuracy. That why women are considered “the backbone of society.”

Feminine energy is not weak in nature, but strong and compliments masculine energy within our spirits (men and women). It helps you fully inhabit your body to experience the present and feel a deeper connection to the universe.

As we celebrate women’s history in March, let us not forget the Divine Feminine Energy that resides in all of us. We, as women, are divine and need to give ourselves permission to be honor with peace, love, and respect. However, it starts individually from within. Intuitively, we know this. 

We cannot be afraid to embrace the Divine Feminine because it connects us completely to our higher selves within the universe. 



DATE: MARCH 25, 2021

A few weeks ago, I spoke on how to identify with the Divine Feminine Energy within our spirits. However, I like to share how to connect with that energy. Shall we begin!

Connect with Movement: Feminine energy is an energetic, kinetic energy. Being a female, we have this kind of rhythm of knowing how to move our bodies. It helps us connect with our femininity. Feminine energy is like the wind or the currents of the ocean. There is constant motion and things always keep evolving. To embrace the inner goddess from within, we can incorporate the following:

• Trying yoga.

• Exercising or walking.

• A form of dancing or movements that feels natural to you, just put on a piece of music that connects you to your emotions and close your eyes to start moving. Just be open-minded and just move with your spirit.

With our bodies, it has a certain way to response to the feminine energy. Just let yourself express with responsiveness, which you will be surprised of how you feel.

Connect with a Sacred Space: There are different ways in creating a sacred space to bring in clarity to connect with your feminine energy:

• Incorporating a form of meditation or prayer into your daily routine.

• Doing deep breathing exercises.

• Lighting a candle to bring in some visualization while taking a hot bath or having a quiet dinner with relaxing music.

• Cleansing your space with Sage (smudge stick) or Palo Santo Stick.

• Choose items in your space of living that resonate with you in a positive, spiritual way, such as, colors, plants, paintings, crystals, etc.

Connect with Self-Love: One of the most important lessons to feminine energy is having a healthy dose of self-love for yourself. (This applies to men and women.) With self-love, we must learn how to recognize our own self-worth and responding to unconditional love and value.

With that said, there is a balance of giving ourselves out emotionally to others and expecting others to recognize with respect in return of how to be treated right. With self-love, our feminine energy helps become a compass of practicing self-compassion and drawing healthy boundaries in our personal and professional relationships with others.

Also, it is good to say positive affirmations or prayers, which keeps your energy centered when dealing with life challenges. It is about a balance mindset.

Connect with Writing: Another way to connect with feminine energy is with different forms of writing:

• It can be happy, little letters to yourself as special reminders to stay focused or sending love notes to those that are dear to your heart.

• Doing a form of journaling as a form of expressing your emotions and intuitions.

• Writing articles on your own blog or other social media outlets that has an interesting concept that brings in connectedness with people.

• Publishing your own poetry or books.

• Creating your own music that has a creative edge in tapping into your soul.

Connect with Sexual Energy: Last, as women, we are told that we cannot be sexual or be ashamed of how we express ourselves with our bodies. Well, I hate to say it, but divine feminine energy is innately sensual. Women should never be ashamed of their bodies and how to move in seductive ways that are healthy to feel connect with sexual energy, especially within personal relationships.

In this world, women are suppressed as the inferior sex because we are female. However, that is a wrong perception. Throughout history, society has made women internalized that sexual energy is dirty. A lot of that conditioning is brought in when young girls are going up (depending on the culture or family structure) to be very mindful and held more accountable in how they express themselves with their bodies in private and in the public.

Overall, it is completely healthy to embrace sexual energy. In your sexual relationship with someone, you always tap into your feminine energy to show your partner what you want and need (which is acceptable), instead of always focusing to please. At the end, feminine energy brings in a balance of giving and receiving in personal relationships.

So, there you have it. The ways to connect to the Divine Feminine Energy with a better understanding. Never a dull moment! Just let the energy naturally flow, you would be surprised. Just surrender and release. The universe will unfold before your eyes. 

Blessings with peace and love!



DATE: APRIL 22, 2021

Earth Day is on April 22nd. This is an opportunity to enhance our AWARENESS on how to be MORE kinder on PRESERVING our planet. She has provided so much of our natural resources for us to exist as a collective race, but it seems in the last few decades we are forgetting our promise to be MORE responsible and grateful to have BALANCE with her.

In the next decade, we will see a HIGHER AWARENESS of knowing our full impact on her, especially with seeing MORE extreme weather patterns, observing the extinction of MORE plants and animal species, and fighting over MORE limited resources to keep up with our lifestyles.

As everyone should be AWARE sooner or later, one thing that humans will have in common MORE is on climate control and PRESERVING our planet better. Plus, there will be many lessons to be learned before we cohabitate the moon or another planet, like Mars in the distant future. Just saying. So, keep a lookout.

At the end, we need to learn MORE on how to preserve the Earth. She is beautiful and intuitive. She feels everything that we do to her. Everything is INTERCONNECTED with her.

We need to learn how to honor her MORE to keep the BALANCE of our own survival. The Earth will find a way to bring back that natural order of HARMONY with all living creatures if we do not step up on PRESERVING her.

How do we PRESERVE her? Well, there are a few ways to help. One way is to plant more trees, which helps with providing more oxygen to all living creatures and the environment. With trees, we are harvesting them MORE at a higher rate than re-planting them. What about recycling or reusing MORE products? Easy said than done. However, it is another way to cut down on deposing resources on the ground and into the water. As time goes on, there will be MORE advanced technologies coming in place to help reduce waste and be MORE greener. Last, education is essential as a key to promote more AWARENESS to learn more about the Earth and PRESERVING her resources.

On a bonus note, I like to highlight on the four elements that can be beneficial for our spiritual transformation and bring us back to our higher selves. The four elements are very much CONNECTED to the Earth, which are AIR, FIRE, WATER, AND of course, EARTH.

There is a wonderful book called, “A little book on Big Freedom-Discover the Four Elements of Transformation, by Heatherash Amara, which speaks of how you take the four elements to transform your physical lives with more balance, along with understanding the aspects of your inner selves. Most importantly, the book focuses on how to harness the elements’ powers correctly and make radical changes that will center and empower yourselves back to a healthier freedom of living. It is about liberating ourselves from old habits and mindsets that no longer serve us. So, please check out this insightful book. You will not be disappointed.

Last, in her book, she outlines the four elements as:

AIR: The art of seeing yourself and the world with clarity.

FIRE: The art of cleansing what no longer serves you.

WATER: The art of being open and creating space for change.

EARTH: The art of nourishment and self-care.

As we celebrate Earth Day, it presents a great opportunity to explore better ways to PRESERVE our planet in MORE harmony and EMBRACE the four elements for stronger spiritual growth and transformation.

Book Source: A little book on BIG Freedom-Discover the Four Elements of Transformation by Heatherash Amara.  You can find her books on Amazon. Great resources to read for self-love and on higher purpose.