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Your 2021 Survival Guide for the 2nd Mercury Retrograde (May 29th to June 22nd)

Written By: Serene Grace

Date: June 3, 2021

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend. For the inquiring minds, I wanted to pass along some wisdom for the 2nd Mercury Retrograde in Gemini from May 29th to June 22nd.

After the Lunar Eclipse on May 26th, there was this intense energy that came in with a shape edge and felt very overwhelming and emotional before the 2nd Mercury Retrograde took place. However, it set the stage to make important changes to release and let go of people and things that no longer serve you for 2021.

Sometimes, the universe gives us that final kick-in-the-ass to make room for better things to come. Plus, the veil on the other side has become thinner to sense our deceased loved ones around us more and have stronger dreams that will give more signs for guidance.

So, here are some survival tips for the 2nd Mercury Retrograde:

MERCURY IS MORE BACKWARDS THAN EVER, so be more prepared. It is like you go one step forward, but ten steps back. Do not forget everything feels more backwards, but just know it is only temporary.

With Gemini, there is this two-sided energy effect. Within one minute, everything is feeling stable and on the flip side, everything can go very chaotic in a second. Just be super aware that there will be more disruptions, miscommunications, and chaos in every form of missed appointments, arguments, mental confusion, world events, and (a lot of) technical errors with computers and phones.

DIRECT COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY, keep it super simple and clear. With this shady Mercury Retrograde, just be warn to not take anything at face value. Do not overreact but be more reflective than ever with communication in personal and professional relationships.

The cosmos wants you to listen and learn of what the bigger picture maybe in your life. There will be more disclosure coming up with new information, data, and knowledge to absorb, especially with the upcoming world events and the aftereffects on everyone collectively. Just saying and be on a lookout.

Last, if you are planning to make any business deals, just make sure to look at the fine print before signing off. You may need to step back on any big decisions that pull you into different directions.

JUST GO MORE INWARD, take the time to reflect. Look at what is profoundly important in your life and how to change your path for your own greater good and happiness. Ask yourself those deep questions that you have been avoiding and dive into your inner core with more honesty to feel your true self. Build up that courage!

What do you want in life? Take that leap of faith to find you. Look at the positives as in reviewing the information that comes in, so you can move forward and improve the direction of your life.

With this Mercury Retrograde, the universe will come in and clean house for you, so you will have an opportunity to get back on that right path. 

So, pay attention to the signs and not ignore them. THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING YOU. IT IS HOW YOU RESPOND.