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DATE: JANUARY 11, 2022

Happy Blessed New Year! We made it into 2022. These days it seems like our lives are just like living in the movies. So much has changed since the pandemic, 2022 will be another interesting ride, so buckle up.

Good news! 2022 will be a more harmonious year than last year. A more nurturing energy will be felt individually and collectively with people. However, every year still has its’ own challenges, and it is how we respond to them.

Interesting enough, this year there will be more of a focus on home and family. It will be a time to return to our roots and be more supportive with one another. I can see more consideration and openness for humanity to learn how to co-exist together. We must realize our actions are all interconnected and felt as we become more self-aware. This is where we have a choice to be in denial still or get the bigger picture to WAKE UP!!!



2022 will be a revelation for us to realize we are not alone in the universe (so make a mental note). There will be more opportunities for the development of space exploration, and a space race to the moon and Mars in the distant future. So, WAKE UP and keep a lookout.


So, Mother Earth is going to give humanity another WAKE UP call. The important lesson here is how we respond for wanting better change for our planet. It will be all in or all out.

Humans are creatures of havoc. However, we have the knowledge to transform our world with better technologies to restore her. The first thing we must do is to remove our energies of fear and greed from our lifestyles, and how we respond to worldly events.

I do see two countries that will have enormous influence and lead the world into a new age of greener and cleaner energy advancements. Keep an open mind! Sometimes, we must stop resisting to change and just be on board to evolve. As we evolve, things need to be logical and intuitive with a dose of common sense. Balance is the key.

Would it be wonderful to have the technology to create a battery to hold energy longer? What about the discovery of a new source of cleaner energy? Would it be great to have free energy too?

There are people who want to make these ideas realities, but will the elites allow it to happen. I think Mother Earth will be more convincing this year. So, watch out for her fury!


Oh boy, I am not going to sugar coat on this subject. 2022 will be the battles of the sexes. I sense there will be a tug-a-war with politicians especially on women’s rights, and not just in the United States, but around the world.

There will be a shift for women to be more awaken than ever and to start unifying again. We should not be against one sex or the other.

Women will be tested more to stand stronger to level out the playing fields in all areas in life and how everything affects them. There will be new voices that will join older influences to create another women’s movement.

All sexes came into existence to co-create and be in harmony with one another (especially on a spiritual sense). Again, you cannot have one without the other, like yin and yang. Nothing is perfect, but harmony is necessary.


The Convid-19 virus will keep evolving into different strains. We must understand it is not going away. We must learn how to adapt as we figure out how to live with it.

Will there be more deaths with this virus? I hate to say it, but yes.

Also, there will be other viruses coming into the picture that will be kind of alarming. Just be prepared. The world is experiencing a lot of climate changes, while humans are playing God.

There will be more medical advancements to help with battling the Convid-19 virus and other diseases. The new mRNA technology is just the beginning. Also, there will be other technologies to create new vaccines to battle diseases, especially with cancer.

There will be new, bright minds that will create more gene therapies and find other discoveries that will get rid of diseases from the past.

Artificial intelligence will be used more with advanced medicine to change how humans evolve on many levels.

Last, there will be a warning system put into place for new Covid-19 surges. The information provided would look like a weather forecast.


Be prepared to learn how to be more frugal and steadier with money. Know what your wants verse your needs. There could be an upcoming crash in the stock market if we are not careful. It comes down to greed and control.

I sense Wall Street/The Federal Reserve knows something is coming up, but they are not telling the public of the consequences.

Be mindful of your spending and savings. Again, it is about balance. Don’t panic! Just think ahead of the game.


There will be a shift in power by larger countries that want to have more of world dominance. These countries will be reclaiming of what is theirs from the past. It is a now or never opportunity while other countries are not looking and being more distracted.

It will create political sabotage and alertness around the world. There will be this false peace. It will create another Cold War, where advanced nuclear weapons/other military technologies will come into existence.

There will be more cyber security attacks in other countries to throw them off when the bigger countries take advantage to control the world.

Also, there is a race for not just for the next Superpowers, but who will be the supreme race to evolve more than the rest.

Pray for peace and surround yourselves with love and light. The rest is in God’s hands.


There is this universal energy coming in with the opportunities to become more nurturing, supportive, and harmonious. There will be many subconscious shifts within our spirits to see things at a different light with the world changing before our eyes.

It would be how we respond to our life circumstances with being more awaken or still be in denial. Your free will is the key of determining your future, individually and collectively with those around you.

Everything will be more calculated in how your actions affect others. This applies to everyone.

If you have anything from your past, personally and professionally, please let it go and start on a clear slate. Let go of any anger, hate, guilt, regret, or fear to allow yourselves to heal from within your spirits.

It can be hard to let go because of your emotional attachments that feel comfortable in the known. Just let it go. No fear into the unknown.

It is your energy of faith and trust in God/the universe to be more interconnected that will determine your spiritual evolution in the future.

Remember energy always remains the same but can always change its’ form. With human behavior, it is the same concept.


2022 will be the water tiger governed by the element of wood. With the tiger, it will be a year to embrace being more resilient, adaptable, fearless, and determine to deal with adversity.

The energy of the tiger will not back down from a challenge and be more persistent. There will be a stronger, balance energy coming in that will be very intuitive and nurturing, but grounding to keep things in order as the world continues to break down old systems and to rebuild.

It is not about controlling everything around you, but how you respond to life circumstances. Remember to take a deep breath in and just be more still to reflect with the changes around you before leaping to attack and allowing anxiety and victim energy to cloud your judgement and make your actions delusional.

Come into your hearts with more peace and compassion, so the tiger will be calm and gentle to co-exist among others in the world.


Mercury in Capricorn will be in retrograde: January 14, 2022 – February 4, 2022

Mercury, the planet of communication, will influence our ability to express our needs and emotions to others. Do not forget communication can become vague, foggy, or easily misunderstood.

So, take the time to reflect without overreacting in your words and actions. Also, do not take things to personal. Listen more to your heart rather than ego, which wants to be right.

Venus in Capricorn will be in retrograde December 19, 2021 – January 29, 2022

Venus influences romantic love, all types of relationships, including beauty, appearance, and possessions. Our idea of self and others can be slightly off-balance; therefore, it is best to avoid specific actions.

This retrograde will be a revelation where you will see your relationships at a different light than before, especially with people’s true colors. Some relationships will be a make to keep around or a break to let go of.

It is a suitable time to do some love, healing work with yourselves. Do some journaling or meditation to reflect your true intentions into 2022 with peace and love.

Full Wolf Moon in Cancer on January 17, 2022

In January, we will have a full wolf moon in Cancer. It will be influenced by the element of water, while making you vulnerable to mood fluctuations and hypersensitivity. Use this period to meditate and practice self-nurturing.

Avoid confrontations, or individuals that can be emotionally draining during this period. Just stay grounded and still within your energy.


2022 can be a year to move forward with more trust and confidence within ourselves, and our ability to take the following steps to be more unified in this world.

Think about it. We all have free will and choices to manifest more positive energy into our future together. This is just another year to WAKE UP​!

These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs. These are intuitive insights from the spiritual world.

The future is not set in stone based on free will and choices.

Based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God/the universe will restore balance. Blessings!