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Angels R' With Us Part 5: Summer Solstice Predictions and Inviting Archangel Jophiel-The Angel of Beauty

Written By: Serene Grace

Date: June 23, 2022

Happy Solstice!   As you know, we just had a Strawberry Moon on June 14th. It felt like the energy was intense, edgy, and feeling stuck. Recently, I had clients expressed how they felt down and just lost. We are in a holding pattern to rest and to be ready for things to move forward with a stronger, assertive energy coming in now and around June 24th.

On June 24th, there will be a rare astronomical event where the planets (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn) will be bright enough to see with the naked eye. They will also appear in order from nearest to the furthest from the sun. So, keep an eye on the energy from the end of June into July.  Now, here are some solstice predictions and reminders:

Gun Violence: Ever since the last Mercury Retrograde in May, it created a catalyst reaction of gun violence in the United States.

My prayers to all the victims and families affected by the recent gun violence. We are experiencing harder times as a nation and need to come together with more unity than ever, while not being divided by fear, greed, and power anymore.

On a federal level, the politics need to be set aside to produce stronger, common-sense resolutions. This is the time to act NOW to balance out the evil/hateful culture on gun violence. If not, this cycle will continue to get worst and be harder to stop. Plus, the laws that are on the books NOW need to be more enforced or the laws from the past that have been expired need to be renewed AGAIN.

There’s a need to have better checks and balances with addressing the mental health gap.  I keep seeing people that suffered with major, mental health conditions committed those horrible acts of gun violence in the past.

In the United States, there is a huge gap of needing more mental health services NOW but would be harder to get because these services were discontinued from bad policies or cutting back on budgets on a local, state, and federal level. Now, you are seeing the results of those actions in our society. With that said, without having the appropriate mental health services in placed, this will create more stigma and division in helping people that really need it. We cannot continue to avoid these issues.

Last, people from the older generations respected and understood the responsibility of gun ownership. Today, guns are being glamorized more to solve every problem in our culture. There is no separation between realities verses fantasies. Just saying!

With this topic alone, it is about agreeing to disagreeing, while understanding there is no easy solution. We must start somewhere with a plan of action or gun violence will continue to get worst.

Russia/Ukraine: With Russia (the Bear), I feel the Bear will continue to play the hardball politics that will destroy more lives and culture in Ukraine. I feel the Bear will keep pushing into Ukraine to reclaim what it lost in the past.

The Bear will not care of how the rest of the world will be impacted by the military efforts, especially on an economic and political level. Please understand this plot was planned out a couple of decades ago. The pandemic brought the events sooner than expected, so the Bear had to move faster with its' master plans.

I feel there will be a reaching point of negotiations coming in between the Bear and Eagle (the West). However, it will be a false peace.

I feel the Dragon (China) will influence its’ power more by fall 2022 (like around October).

I feel the Dragon will have an advantage point to gain greater political and economic power by this summer. It will give the Dragon more of an edge in the world’s politics. Also, watch out for Taiwan. Prayers here.

Remember, there is karma being played out here in those regions in the world. Past lives do exist, and this is a repeat in history. Have we not learned from the past?

Finances: As you know, we are having a bear market where inflation is getting higher, and there are talks for a recession. I feel there will be a global recession within the next few years. The world is trying to hold tight to keep the economy in check, but the financial markets want to reset itself naturally. You cannot control everything around you, but it is how you respond.

I kept seeing some positive changes around October into November for the market to make some rebound. We still need to keep things steady and in check between our wants and needs into 2023.

I feel that companies around the world are trying to reassess their business structures and make fast changes to cushion the effects of a global recession. There will be businesses affected harder than others. However, there will be businesses that will rise to the top to profit in other ways to survive and thrive.

When it comes to jobs, this is where we need to be grateful for what we have and not be too meticulous about asking for more than what businesses can give now. I feel is it better to lock in a decent job NOW, then later in the year.

By September 2022 into 2023, I feel there will be new business structures coming in for companies to advance with more AI technologies. I feel older jobs will become obsolete, and a new business structure will be coming in to create different jobs to evolve with the times.

For the youth, it is better to learn the value of a dollar NOW and how to save. Back in the day, when I was in school, there were these “life classes” to show students how to balance a check book and become more prepared for the realities of society.

On a positive note, I like to mention an angel called Archangel Jophiel. Jophiel is known as the angel of beauty. Jophiel means "beauty of God." Other spellings include Jofiel, Zophiel, Iophiel, Iofiel, Yofiel, and Yofiel. This angel brings out more feminine traits and energy into her presence.

Jophiel serves as the patron angel of artists and intellectuals because of her work bringing beautiful thoughts to people. She is also considered the patron angel of people hoping to discover more joy and laughter to lighten up their lives.

Sometimes, people ask for Jophiel’s help to discover more about the beauty of God’s holiness, see themselves as God sees them, and recognize how valuable they are.

Also, people seek guidance in finding creative inspiration, overcoming the ugliness of addictions and unhealthy thought patterns, absorbing information and studying for tests, solving problems, and discovering more of God’s joy in their lives.

Jophiel has been associated with feng shui and could be petitioned to help balance the energy of your home and create a beautiful home environment. Jophiel can help you reduce clutter.

The angel energy color associated with Jophiel is yellow. Burning a yellow candle or having the gemstone citrine may be used as part of prayer to focus on requests to Archangel Jophiel.

As we go through this summer, let’s be reminded that we can find the light in the mist of the chaos. We must be grateful for what we have NOW and keep moving forward to still manifest beautiful things that bring peace and harmony. God is giving us every opportunity to change and evolve.

Most importantly, please allow Archangel Jophiel to guide your thoughts with beauty and creativity. She will inspire you to find your light and bring back abundance into your surroundings. Amen!

These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs. These are intuitive insights from the spiritual world.

The future is not set in stone based on free will and choices.

Based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God/the universe will restore balance. Blessings!



DATE: MAY 18, 2022

As I write this publication, we are in a Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in May which will later go into Taurus in June. During the second week in May, we had a Friday the 13th and on May 15th, we had a Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse, which is called a Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

These energies have been super intense and chaotic all of May. One of the angels that can be instrumental during this month is Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Communication.

The name Gabriel is translated from Hebrew, which means "God is my strength” or “God is my hero.” Gabriel is the herald of visions, messenger of God, and one of the angels of higher rank. He makes God's messages understandable to people and helps them to accept them with a pure heart.

According to Daniel's book (chapter 8), Gabriel looks "like a man." In Christian art, Gabriel is depicted sometimes with male characteristics and features, sometimes female as a hybrid. His role as an announcing angel is characteristic of his representation. It is characterized by the white lily with which he is depicted when the birth of Jesus is announced to Mary, the mother of Jesus. The color white is a symbol of spirituality and purity.

The story of Christmas is known to all believers, in which Gabriel visits Mary and announces to her: "You will have a son who is of the Spirit of God." (Lk 1:26-38). He also preached the good news to the shepherds of Bethlehem on the holy night (Lk 2:8-20). Gabriel is also called the angel of glory or the angel of announcement.

Gabriel is considered a patron saint to the Roman Catholic Church.  As the Angel of the Annunciation, who brought the message of Jesus' birth to the Mother of God, he is the Holy Patron Saint of all those who work in the field of communication and telecommunications. Many professions can rely on his support and protection in daily working life, including postal employees, philatelists, delivery men, radio presenters, diplomats, and much more.

Also, Gabriel brought the good news to the Elder Zechariah in the Temple of Jerusalem (Lk 1:11f). He announced the birth of a son, John the Baptist. Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth had been childless until then.

There’s a legend where Gabriel woke up St. Joseph at night and asked him to escape from Egypt with the child, Jesus and his mother, Mary. In the end, he gathered the Holy Family at home in Nazareth. Also, in the Old Testament, Gabriel lifted Daniel who had fallen and prophesied the venue of the Messiah (Daniel 8, 16 und 9, 20 ff).

Gabriel is the center of the throat chakra. He directs energies through the throat chakra to help with the processing of ideas with the right communication and connections to make things manifest in all areas of life for people.

His has beautiful white rays that come from his energies that represent as a new beginning with clarity and purity. He eliminates any dark thoughts from your head and heart, so you can finally see more clearly again.

Moving forward, Archangel Gabriel will be balancing out the energies from the second (2022) Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (air) for May and for Taurus (Earth) into June. This retrograde  brought in an extraordinarily strong, two-sided energy that took things from being still and stable and later, became very chaotic and twisted. Talk about a huge purging effect.

This retrograde was to get our attention, so we take a closer look of the things in our lives with stronger reflective lenses. It was about healing and letting go of the junk that created dead weight in our lives. The energies from this retrograde did its' job to level out the playing field in the world to bring in better focus and balance for us to respond, individually and collectively.

It like peeling an onion to its’ rawest core. It is about feeling everything and taking accountability for the changes that will benefit us. It’s how we respond intuitively to the bigger picture that the universe/God wants us to see. So, be mindful of how you see the information around you that comes to the surface as miscommunications, delays, or disruptions. It may feel like a bolt of lightning or a tower coming down. So, wake up and be reflective!

Here are a few intuitive predictions for the summer time:

Global Economy: Okay folks! For the next 6 months, we need to be very mindful of our spending. It will be a time to save more than spend, spend, and spend. Interesting enough, some our high demand to buy more now (after two years of the pandemic) is creating one element of the higher prices on supply and demand. Plus, the world events are not helping either.

In the first time in history, the stocks and bond markets across the board are down, along with cryptocurrency down as well. I feel that we must not get too fearful of this change right now. We need to hold things steady until fall time. At the same time, make sure to have some extra savings as a back up plan.

On a positive note, I do feel like more women will become more adventurous to go into business for themselves. I see more women stepping up the plate to be bold and pioneer into new fields that will help advance women into different business models.

World Politics: With Russia in Ukraine, I feel that there will be a temporary, peaceful truce later this year. I feel it has not happened yet. I feel there will be continued negotiations for that region. I do feel more European countries will join NATO. I do see Russia becoming at a disadvantage with their war policies and will be regrouping/rethinking their efforts. The events from the Ukraine War are red flags for another potential war to come, if we are not careful with the world events. I feel another country will rise and seek power to make their presence known sometime later in 2022 or into 2023. Again, all is in God’s hands.

Spiritual: 2022 is the year of the angels. The angels are working overtime to bring in new energies for the world to heal from the pandemic. Ever since the pandemic, certain events came sooner because behind the spiritual veil, there is a spiritual war happening at the same time while we are dealing with our own collective, world events in this physical realm.

Between 2024 into 2026, there will be another spiritual shift. It will feel greater than the one that started in 2020. I also feel that advanced technology will be breaching into something amazing that will come into play to enlighten all of humanity. Maybe explaining a little more of how the universe works or new sciences that will help us heal more? We shall see. Still things are playing out. We must have some faith and be open minded to greater things, instead of being stuck in old patterns. It is time to evolve.

For the rest of this second Mercury Retrograde, let’s take to time to go more inward and to reflect of what we need to heal in our lives again. There are always opportunities to take advantage to heal ourselves (depending on the circumstances) and make room for new blessings to come. You always have free will and choices to have influence in your destiny.

Most importantly, don’t forget Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Communication. This angel is always here for us. Remember he will deliver your prayers to God and be heard. It is a matter of divine timing. Just have a little faith and trust. Amen.

These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs. These are intuitive insights from the spiritual world.

The future is not set in stone based on free will and choices.

Based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God/the universe will restore balance. Blessings!



DATE: April 30, 2022

2022 is the year of the ANGELS. The angels are working overtime to bring in new energies for a spiritual realignment for humanity to be more in harmony with Mother Earth. It all depends on how we respond to the new energies coming in and awaken to the higher vibrations, which comes down to our free will and choices.

This special publication is dedicated to a dear friend and light worker who passed away back on November 22, 2021. Her name was Deborah Gebhardt Oleszycki, and boy, she LOVED ANGELS.

To me, she was an Earth angel and had a special mission to bring love and guidance to people. She touched many lives with her humor, kindness, and upbeat personality.

When I met her, it was in Nashville, Tennessee at a holistic event in September 2019. I had only known her for a brief period of time, but it felt like I knew her for many lifetimes. Two old souls meeting up again to help one another grow more spiritually on our paths, especially in this lifetime.

She also was a long-distance friend where we stayed in touch during the pandemic. I miss her laughter and spiritual insights very much. She was a blessing in disguise and a guiding light for me. In honor of my friend, I know she would have loved for me to talk about Archangel Raphael. Shall we begin!

Archangel Raphael is known as the Angel of Healing and his name means “God has healed.” He works to heal people's minds, spirits, and bodies, so they can enjoy peace and good health to the fullest extent of God's will for them. He brings in new ideas as valuable tools to pursue healing from whatever is ailing you or dealing with others’ illnesses and deaths. He frequently answers prayers by whispering suggestions that you hear as thoughts, feelings, dreams, and visions. He also is known to grant petitions quite expeditiously.

Raphael feels partial to those in all healing professions and will in some way guide those individuals who are unsure about what directions to take for appropriate health care for their patients. He will offer ideas for speedy healing and assist in a medical crisis.

Most importantly, Raphael guides, heals, and restores relationships with others that have become broken or find peaceful closure from them. He helps heal your relationships by encouraging you to communicate your feelings fully to other people, while encouraging healthy boundaries.

In addition, Raphael is passionate about convincing people to pursue healing not only for themselves but also for the Earth's environment.

To recognize Raphael, you may see a green light in the air around you when he visits you. It is said that his energy corresponds to the green electromagnetic frequency on the angel’s light rays. He shines so brightly that people can see flashes or sparkles of his green light (like bright emeralds) with their physical eyes.

Last, but not least, Raphael is the protector of pets and finding lost pets. He also helps with finding lost objects, along with St. Anthony joining his side. They both help with finding lost objects.

Within today’s world, we need this angel more than ever. Archangel Raphael wants you to know that he’s with us and is a source of comfort and alleviating stress in many areas in our lives. That is why he is the Angel of Healing.

Peace and light to him. 



DATE: APRIL 9, 2022

Happy April. It’s about Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. It’s also a time to celebrate the Easter Season for much needed hope, joy, and peace with our loved ones. For this publication, I am going to discuss a powerful angel, and his name is Archangel Metatron, along with providing WAKE-UP predictions.

Metatron is one of only two angels who first became a human being. The other angel was Archangel Sandalphon. It’s also believed that Metatron was the prophet Enoch from the Torah and the Bible before ascending to heaven and becoming an angel. They say that Metatron’s experience living on Earth as a person gave him a special ability to relate to people when connecting with him. Also, the name Metatron means, "The Angel of God's Presence."

With Metatron, you may see bright flashes of light whenever he visits you. Some say he has a fiery presence that may manifest in the form of a crystalline body or colorful aura, which has deep pink and dark green. Metatron may choose to get your attention through a strong fragrance around you, such as, an unusual smell of strong herbs and spices like chilies or peppercorns.

Metatron teaches people how to use their spiritual power for good while he records their choices in the universe's great archives. This is known as either God's Book of Life or the Akashic Records. He also assists you in choosing your thoughts carefully. He guides you with mastering your thoughts instead of becoming a slave to them. With his spiritual guidance, you learn the understanding how to be more motivated, focused, and inspired with positive thoughts.

Metatron often uses a brilliantly lit cube, which is known as "Metatron's Cube" in sacred geometry because it's reminiscent of Ezekiel's chariot that the Torah and the Bible describe as made of angels and powered by flashes of light. He uses that cube to heal people of unhealthy energies that they want to clear out of their lives. The cube spins clockwise and uses centrifugal force to push away unwanted energy residue.

Now, let’s shift gears to highlight the upcoming intuitive predictions:

Climate Control: I keep seeing something with fires more in the West region. There will be one incident created by a person that will start out small and then grow into a bigger fire. However, people will have advanced notice to escape and get to safety. With that said, things out West, especially in the US will be more drier this year. By when it comes to human error, it’s unavoidable.

I see five major hurricanes in the 4 to 5 category range. Hurricane season may start sooner than the usual season. A few hurricanes will be less destructive, but they will start out big, then lose their power to downgrade as a tropical storm.

There will be a bigger one that will form and get everyone’s attention. I keep seeing it forming around The Caribbean Islands and then moving more into the Gulf of Mexico. There is another hurricane that may have extremely high winds like Hurricane Isabel in 2003 and will be moving more up Northeast in the US.

Interesting enough, I sense an earthquake down in Australia/New Zealand. I also sense an earthquake again in the East (the Middle East) that will throw everyone off, which I don’t sense it has happened yet.

I keep seeing sea levels rising higher this year. It will alert scientists. There will be another huge crack in Antarctica.

World Politics: With the Ukraine War, I sense Russia and NATO coming to a temporary, peaceful truce. However, it will stop the destruction for a while. I sense Russia wanting to rethink and regroup how they could benefit from the war efforts. Also, I sense China funding Russia with their military efforts. Again, everything is in God’s hands.

I do sense uncertainty around September in the Middle East. I sense an uprising of a new power/group wanting to influence their dominance in that region.

I sense China taking a backseat and being more observing with the world politics and how they could come in as peacekeepers later. China will try to win the world’s trust again, along with having the upper hand later as the Number #1 World Power.

In addition, keep a lookout in the East, where there will be a power struggle between other countries from small to big.

As to WW III, it will come close within this new decade, but it will not happen the way people think it would happen. That is where God’s mercy comes in. There is a great shift happening among humanity to respond and embrace the new vibrations of spiritual changes to become more interconnected and not be against each other in the distant future.

Family/Community: For 2022, like I said before, I sense people coming back stronger into their communities like it was before the pandemic, but with more caution as we call it “the new norm.” I sense people learning that being more rooted back with communities is especially important to our survival ever since the world changed. We need that human connection with one another. It’s in our nature.

As time goes on, people are going to understand that there is a need to have better balance with virtual and physical realities, especially as we advanced more with AI technologies within this new decade. Again, there’s a spiritual evolution coming.

Another mental note, I do see a surge of the Convid-19 virus coming back with a new variant for Fall 2022. So, we may have to mask up again. Just keep a lookout.

Women in Politics: Great news, I sense it was a great victory for Ketanji Brown Jackson becoming the first Black woman confirmed by the Senate and to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. After her victory, there will be a huge, energy shift for women to start pioneering into more leadership roles to fight for civil rights and women’s rights around the world. In 2022, there is this divine timing that is playing out for certain women in the world to take more of a front stage in politics and movements. Watch out for these Wonder Women!

Back in January 2022, I said it before there will be another women’s revolution coming along. 2022 is a new beginning for women to become more empowered from the younger to the older generations. It will be a time to take courage to fight for better balance in women’s rights, along with having more harmony with the masculine and feminine energies in humanity to co-exist and understand what interconnectedness is about.

FYI-To agree to disagree with the subject on abortion, it is such a political and sensitive topic. There are no easy solutions to solve this concept. I will say the power play from religious to progressive organizations and politicians have made it untouchable or worst to come to a reasonable medium to find answers, while preserving life and protecting women’s rights at the same time. It is about balance, but it will never be perfect.

To be honest, I sense you cannot have one way or the other to solve abortion. If one way goes and delete the other, you will create more problems on top of things that could take time to reverse. There will be a strong oversight of people being persecuted for the wrong reasons.

Here is the positive aspect. I will say that advanced medicine and technologies will play a bigger role of helping to solve the abortion concerns within this new decade and women having their reproductive rights restored and life being protected more.

Financial News: Will there be a global recession coming in? I got a yes for the next few years. Ever since the Ukraine War was started by Russia, it has set back more of the world’s progress than ever before to recover from the pandemic. So, buckle up buttercups and know between your wants and needs from 2022 into 2024.

Last, don’t forget that we are having a Pink Full Moon in Libra coming up on April 16th. The Libra energy will help the energy of the world to balance out with the Aries’ adventurous spirit and get some rest during this exciting time of this year.

So, for the next few months, keep a lookout of how the world will be turning. It all depends on how we respond to the collective energy. Everything will be feeling increasingly interconnected. Don’t forget to call on Archangel Metatron for help to clear out any negative energies and convert it into positive energies to manifest more peace and unity among us. Peace and blessings!

These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs. These are intuitive insights from the spiritual world.

The future is not set in stone based on free will and choices.

Based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God/the universe will restore balance. Blessings!




DATE: MARCH 21, 2022

Happy Spring! It’s a time to move our clocks forward and lose one hour of sleep. It also represents a time of renewal and growth coming back into our lives.

For this publication, I like to introduce some ANGELS that will be having MORE of spiritual presence and influence over us for the rest of 2022. Yes, THE ANGELS!! Just know the angels are with us.  They're also working overtime for humanity. 

For the next few months, I will be discussing a few of them that can inspire and guide you to stay focused on your spiritual path this year.

First, let’s speak of Archangel, Saint Michael. I love this angel. Michael is the Angel of Protection to people but also provides direction in relationships. The name Michael means, in Hebrew, “Who is like God?”

His energy is more masculine in nature. He is centered around the root chakra, which his located on the base of the spine/your feet connected to Mother Earth. He is considered a champion of justice, a healer of the sick, and the guardian of the Roman Catholic Church.

Michael acts as a commander with speed and acute justice while wielding a set of scales. He takes his responsibilities very seriously.

To humanity, he is also a leader, spiritual warrior, and champion of courage and decency. Michael goes into battle for good against evil. In artwork, Michael is depicted with a sword, a banner, or (again) scales, and is often shown vanquishing Satan in the form of a dragon.

His wingspan is impressive. He exudes a sense of security in his demeanor. Michael’s energy and presence are embodied in the color of blue which is smooth and calming. Keep an eye out for blue light or bursts of blue light that aren’t ordinarily present, as this could be a sign from Michael.

Michael may be trying to communicate with you by making you feel warm or tingly at the most inconvenient of times. If you see this happening, it may be a good idea to pray or meditate. Due to his multiple duties, he will often deliver his messages with a stern tone and a quick pace.

When it comes to communication, people recognize him for his authoritative tone of voice and his ability to make them feel heard.

He is well-known for his role as a guardian of both the land and its inhabitants. Michael appears to be the most closely related with the number 11 among our angels.

If you are needing the strength of Saint Michael, please recite this prayer:

Saint Michael the Archangel,

defend us in battle.

Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,

and do thou,

O Prince of the heavenly hosts,

by the power of God,

thrust into hell Satan,

and all the evil spirits,

who prowl about the world

seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Last, the second Mercury Retrograde will be in Gemini and Taurus and will start from May 10th to June 3rd. Also, the pre-retrograde shadow begins April 25th and post-retrograde shadow ends June 18th. Be mindful that this retrograde will force us out of our comfort zones. So, be prepared!

Finally, don’t forget to call on Saint Michael for guidance during this retrograde because he is a role model for all of us. Peace and blessings!



DATE: FEBRUARY 28, 2022.

We are now two months into 2022. It has been an interesting ride with uncertainty into the unknown. The energy that the world is experiencing is very intense collectively. The world events have contributed to this energy since the eruption of the Tongo Volcano and Ukraine Invasion. Just naming a few.

I mentioned in my last article that we are in the Year of the Tiger. The energy would become more nurturing as we turn back to our roots of becoming more of family and community. This year is about us being more grateful for what we have in our lives (from small to big).

The energy is going to make our free will become more resilient to adapt as we evolve to be more conscience of how our actions are felt collectively around the world. It’s like a game of chess. The pressure is on!

This is another WAKE UP year. Pay attention. It’s not too late to evolve and become more awaken.

The first Mercury Retrograde ended on February 3rd and had a mixed of Aquarius and Capricorn. During this 1st retrograde into the new year, it brought to our attention to spread ideas and bring them to fruition. It also centered on our ambition, our determination, and our commitment to whatever is at the forefront of our focus. Last, it either cut our losses or pave a new path for new beginnings. Once the retrograde ended, we realized that we no longer have the luxury of being able to waste time. Time started to speed up too.

Then came the post-shadow retrograde throughout February. Interesting enough, things were still coming up to the surface to see people/things for what they really were in true form.  THE SHADOW SELF. Also, the energy itself was mega intense to the point of not knowing when we would be able to see hope.

Later, the squaring off with Uranus in Taurus, the emotional meaning of the February 2022 new moon in Aquarius was testing the limits of our minds. It felt like the moon’s energy was interested in stabilizing, but also detaching from traditional ideas. Aquarius is a fixed sign that wants to keep rules in place but is also keen on breaking them.

Last, but not least, we had 2/22/22. The energy at the end of February leveled out eventually but brought a great purge of world events and shifted us for preparations for the upcoming radical changes to come. As things look fearful, again, it will motivate us to WAKE UP more than ever.

So, you ask now, what is in store for the world in the next few months. Well, here are some insights that could happen based on free will and choices:

World Events/Politics: I sense several upcoming negotiations between certain superpowers to hold back on more destruction in Eastern Europe. However, everything will be more on high alert for the next three months. It will be like a game of chess, and certain politicians will be doing an all-in or nothing strategy to win what they want to reclaim that is theirs.

Will the Bear (Russia) have its’ influence over the Eagle (US)? Will the Dragon (China) flex more of its’ military/political/economical muscle in the East?

Also, please know there's so much karma playing out here that goes back from previous lifetimes. We shall see what happens because all is in God’s hands, and how we respond.

Currently, for the next 5 years, we are entering into a new Cold War, along with advancements into new weapons/technologies, and I will say again, space exploration.

World Economy: Things are going to be very heavy as we watch how the world deals with the chaos.

On the financial spectrum, things with the economy will be very shaky until May. So, tighten your belts and know between your wants and needs.

Please check out my article called “2022 Financial Tips: Lessons from the Great Depression” on my etiquette website:  It may spark your inquiring minds!

I do see certain companies splitting their dominance of control and influence over humanity. However, there is always someone trying to control everything, but that is when a person loses control the most at the end.

I also see more dark secrets being revealed of certain elites. Some news will be shocking to humanity to understand, but we need to wake up and face the truths.

Climate: I sense there may be a major earthquake in the East…maybe in the Middle East region. Then I see something with the Ring of Fire in the Pacific heating up with some activity. Keep a lookout.

Humanity needs to learn how to be more humble and compassionate of what we have on Earth. Life is too short, and sometimes, tomorrow is never promise.

Today, life is about living more in the moment, especially with learning how to coexist with family and community. I sense humanity returning to certain roots of wanting to have healthier and stable connections.

But then again, we are still human and needing to learn to work through our egos/low vibrations. At the end, the most essential element is to value family and community which helps us to learn to become more interconnected.

We are all a collective group. It’s time to get along.

These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs. These are intuitive insights from the spiritual world.

The future is not set in stone based on free will and choices.

Based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God/the universe will restore balance. Blessings!



DATE: JANUARY 11, 2022

Happy Blessed New Year! We made it into 2022. These days it seems like our lives are just like living in the movies. So much has changed since the pandemic, 2022 will be another interesting ride, so buckle up.

Good news! 2022 will be a more harmonious year than last year. A more nurturing energy will be felt individually and collectively with people. However, every year still has its’ own challenges, and it is how we respond to them.

Interesting enough, this year there will be more of a focus on home and family. It will be a time to return to our roots and be more supportive with one another. I can see more consideration and openness for humanity to learn how to co-exist together. We must realize our actions are all interconnected and felt as we become more self-aware. This is where we have a choice to be in denial still or get the bigger picture to WAKE UP!!!



2022 will be a revelation for us to realize we are not alone in the universe (so make a mental note). There will be more opportunities for the development of space exploration, and a space race to the moon and Mars in the distant future. So, WAKE UP and keep a lookout.


So, Mother Earth is going to give humanity another WAKE UP call. The important lesson here is how we respond for wanting better change for our planet. It will be all in or all out.

Humans are creatures of havoc. However, we have the knowledge to transform our world with better technologies to restore her. The first thing we must do is to remove our energies of fear and greed from our lifestyles, and how we respond to worldly events.

I do see two countries that will have enormous influence and lead the world into a new age of greener and cleaner energy advancements. Keep an open mind! Sometimes, we must stop resisting to change and just be on board to evolve. As we evolve, things need to be logical and intuitive with a dose of common sense. Balance is the key.

Would it be wonderful to have the technology to create a battery to hold energy longer? What about the discovery of a new source of cleaner energy? Would it be great to have free energy too?

There are people who want to make these ideas realities, but will the elites allow it to happen. I think Mother Earth will be more convincing this year. So, watch out for her fury!


Oh boy, I am not going to sugar coat on this subject. 2022 will be the battles of the sexes. I sense there will be a tug-a-war with politicians especially on women’s rights, and not just in the United States, but around the world.

There will be a shift for women to be more awaken than ever and to start unifying again. We should not be against one sex or the other.

Women will be tested more to stand stronger to level out the playing fields in all areas in life and how everything affects them. There will be new voices that will join older influences to create another women’s movement.

All sexes came into existence to co-create and be in harmony with one another (especially on a spiritual sense). Again, you cannot have one without the other, like yin and yang. Nothing is perfect, but harmony is necessary.


The Convid-19 virus will keep evolving into different strains. We must understand it is not going away. We must learn how to adapt as we figure out how to live with it.

Will there be more deaths with this virus? I hate to say it, but yes.

Also, there will be other viruses coming into the picture that will be kind of alarming. Just be prepared. The world is experiencing a lot of climate changes, while humans are playing God.

There will be more medical advancements to help with battling the Convid-19 virus and other diseases. The new mRNA technology is just the beginning. Also, there will be other technologies to create new vaccines to battle diseases, especially with cancer.

There will be new, bright minds that will create more gene therapies and find other discoveries that will get rid of diseases from the past.

Artificial intelligence will be used more with advanced medicine to change how humans evolve on many levels.

Last, there will be a warning system put into place for new Covid-19 surges. The information provided would look like a weather forecast.


Be prepared to learn how to be more frugal and steadier with money. Know what your wants verse your needs. There could be an upcoming crash in the stock market if we are not careful. It comes down to greed and control.

I sense Wall Street/The Federal Reserve knows something is coming up, but they are not telling the public of the consequences.

Be mindful of your spending and savings. Again, it is about balance. Don’t panic! Just think ahead of the game.


There will be a shift in power by larger countries that want to have more of world dominance. These countries will be reclaiming of what is theirs from the past. It is a now or never opportunity while other countries are not looking and being more distracted.

It will create political sabotage and alertness around the world. There will be this false peace. It will create another Cold War, where advanced nuclear weapons/other military technologies will come into existence.

There will be more cyber security attacks in other countries to throw them off when the bigger countries take advantage to control the world.

Also, there is a race for not just for the next Superpowers, but who will be the supreme race to evolve more than the rest.

Pray for peace and surround yourselves with love and light. The rest is in God’s hands.


There is this universal energy coming in with the opportunities to become more nurturing, supportive, and harmonious. There will be many subconscious shifts within our spirits to see things at a different light with the world changing before our eyes.

It would be how we respond to our life circumstances with being more awaken or still be in denial. Your free will is the key of determining your future, individually and collectively with those around you.

Everything will be more calculated in how your actions affect others. This applies to everyone.

If you have anything from your past, personally and professionally, please let it go and start on a clear slate. Let go of any anger, hate, guilt, regret, or fear to allow yourselves to heal from within your spirits.

It can be hard to let go because of your emotional attachments that feel comfortable in the known. Just let it go. No fear into the unknown.

It is your energy of faith and trust in God/the universe to be more interconnected that will determine your spiritual evolution in the future.

Remember energy always remains the same but can always change its’ form. With human behavior, it is the same concept.


2022 will be the water tiger governed by the element of wood. With the tiger, it will be a year to embrace being more resilient, adaptable, fearless, and determine to deal with adversity.

The energy of the tiger will not back down from a challenge and be more persistent. There will be a stronger, balance energy coming in that will be very intuitive and nurturing, but grounding to keep things in order as the world continues to break down old systems and to rebuild.

It is not about controlling everything around you, but how you respond to life circumstances. Remember to take a deep breath in and just be more still to reflect with the changes around you before leaping to attack and allowing anxiety and victim energy to cloud your judgement and make your actions delusional.

Come into your hearts with more peace and compassion, so the tiger will be calm and gentle to co-exist among others in the world.


Mercury in Capricorn will be in retrograde: January 14, 2022 – February 4, 2022

Mercury, the planet of communication, will influence our ability to express our needs and emotions to others. Do not forget communication can become vague, foggy, or easily misunderstood.

So, take the time to reflect without overreacting in your words and actions. Also, do not take things to personal. Listen more to your heart rather than ego, which wants to be right.

Venus in Capricorn will be in retrograde December 19, 2021 – January 29, 2022

Venus influences romantic love, all types of relationships, including beauty, appearance, and possessions. Our idea of self and others can be slightly off-balance; therefore, it is best to avoid specific actions.

This retrograde will be a revelation where you will see your relationships at a different light than before, especially with people’s true colors. Some relationships will be a make to keep around or a break to let go of.

It is a suitable time to do some love, healing work with yourselves. Do some journaling or meditation to reflect your true intentions into 2022 with peace and love.

Full Wolf Moon in Cancer on January 17, 2022

In January, we will have a full wolf moon in Cancer. It will be influenced by the element of water, while making you vulnerable to mood fluctuations and hypersensitivity. Use this period to meditate and practice self-nurturing.

Avoid confrontations, or individuals that can be emotionally draining during this period. Just stay grounded and still within your energy.


2022 can be a year to move forward with more trust and confidence within ourselves, and our ability to take the following steps to be more unified in this world.

Think about it. We all have free will and choices to manifest more positive energy into our future together. This is just another year to WAKE UP​!

These messages and visions are NOT based on personal opinions or beliefs. These are intuitive insights from the spiritual world.

The future is not set in stone based on free will and choices.

Based on the healing energy of love, faith and the power of prayer, things can change. God/the universe will restore balance. Blessings!