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January 6, 2023 Podcast Link: 

Pearls of Wisdom:

Let's Love, Hope, & Sparkle!

Happy New Year!!! Within this short episode, I will be sharing my pearls of wisdom on how to start off the new year with the right sparkle. I also will be providing a guided meditation on how to release and let go of any negative energies that are causing blocks, so you can realign yourself with unconditional love and positive intentions. Let's love, hope, and sparkle!

 January 12, 2023 Podcast Link:

2023 Positive Intentions

Sarah Jean is a social media influencer with a background in being a certified esthetician and holds a degree in psychology. She has a unique perspective on beauty and health. Cruelty free and clean beauty is her thing that she promotes on her social media. She is a friend to the Earth and creatures. She also writes articles for the etiquette website, “The Inspiring Peacock Post.”  To connect with her, please go to or Instagram: Beautybellsvanity.

Every New Year people make resolutions they don’t keep. Why is that? Often, it’s not the resolution that’s the problem. It’s that the intention behind the resolution wasn’t powerful enough. Setting intentions is a powerful tool. Powerful intentions are as expansive as you want to make them. You have the freedom and the power to become whoever you want to be. You’ll be amazed at how many resolutions or goals you’ll successfully meet when you consciously base them on your intentions. 

Within this episode, “2023 Positive Intentions,” my returning guest, Sarah Jean and I will be discussing diverse ways on how to successfully create positive intentions into 2023. So, check us out as we provide a sparkling conversation on being more motivated to achieve our goals and visions as we live our most authentic life ever.

What is shadow work? The shadow work meaning is as follows: Working with your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself. This can include trauma or parts of your personality that you subconsciously consider undesirable. Anyone can do shadow work on their own. This is my final episode for my first podcast/radio show season on the Voice America Live Internet Talk Radio. 

Within this short episode, "Healing Your Shadows: Finding Peace & Love Within Yourself," I will be talking on the concept of shadow work while providing a guided meditation on how to release any guilt or anxiety from your shadows, while finding the peace and love within yourself. It is about restoring some sparkle back into your life. Blessings!


February 6, 2023 Podcast Link:

Those Ruby Slippers: 

Manifesting Sparkling Bliss & Love!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! So, here is an extra surprised sparkle. Within this special episode, I will be providing a small guided meditation on how to manifest sparkling bliss and love with a special connection in your life. It could be with your twin flame, soulmate, or that special person of interest.  It is about clicking your heels three times (for three wishes) with those ruby slippers! Let's love, hope, and sparkle with a little extra bliss. Blessings!!

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